Brandy’s Dreams Come True

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I’ve been hearing for months that Brandy was Begging Ryan Press her boyfriend to give her a engagement ring.
Will it looks like the begging has paid off.
The word is that Brandy and Ryan are Now ready to tie the knot.

But we have heard this before from Brandy.

When she said she was married to Robert Smith. (Her Baby daddy)

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Brandy went as far as to airing her fake family on national TV.
We all thought it was true until Robert spilled the tea and said that they were never really married.

Actually Robert Smith was seeing another woman and Brandy at the same time. Who was? Tamar Braxton Yes Her
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And he said that he went along with the fake marriage to keep Brandy’s image tight.

Brandy Claims that the marriage put her career on hold.

No Being Fake Put your Career on Hold. And said you did it because you didn’t want to be just somebody’s baby mama!

I guess that’s the New thing,

Begging for a man,

the women asking for the hands hand in marriage, forcing

a man to be with you etc.etc.


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