Ne-Yo And The Fake Baby Mama


A few months ago I told y’all about Ne-yo and his fake baby mama. Jesseca White threaten to sue Ne-yo if he spilled her dirty tea. Jesseca and Ne-yo had some what of a relationship… I figure he wasn’t blowing up fast enough for her so she dipped out here and there on the R&B singer. Well Jesseca became with child and told Ne-yo he was the father… But Ne-yo’s Mama was not to sure of that and want to call DNA! And the paternity test said…. he was not the father.

“Jessica called me, bawling crying. I’m like, ‘What’s wrong with you?’ And all she could say is, ‘He’s not yours, he’s not yours.’ She just kept saying it over and over and over again, to the point where I dropped the phone. chimeras not mine. That hurt ’cause I had attached myself to this guy, you know. This is my son. I’m looking at him and I’m picturing I’m gonna be old, and he’s gonna be — this is my son! It’s not my son,” he said during the special.

Jesseca left, she called for money she got the money and then was never seen or heard from again……. Until the word VH1 was doing a behind the music on Ne-yo and that her dirty deeds was about to be aired out to the world. No she just could not have that so she threaten Ne-yo that she would sue him if he open his mouth. Ne-yo must didn’t give ti pumps about that mess cause he knocked the whole tea-pot over. So now Jesseca is suing Ne-yo for DEFAMATION!

Jesseca said
when she finally told Ne-Yo that was not father, the two reached a settlement agreement where he paid her $575,000. It is reported that the two also agreed to a confidentiality clause, in which both parties agreed to never go public with her dirty drama. And this is why Jesseca just might have a case.



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