Web-series: 30 Day Rule (Teaser)

30 days

30-Day Rule is a romantic comedy with a message that nothing in life comes without a cost.

Rome, a good-looking smooth-talking brother in his mid-twenties feels he is on top of the world.

He believes he can talk any woman he meets into doing what he wants them to do.

He lies, schemes and cheats all in the name of scoring and feels no guilt about his actions.

Best friend Trent advises Rome that there is a 30 day expiration date on the lies he tells woman and that no good will come of his evil ways and eventually he will meet his match. Enter Marlena, the beautiful vixen Rome is captivated by simply because of her beauty.

Unbeknownst to Rome, Marlena is the female version of himself, however her feline ways give her the unfair advantage as he under estimates her agenda because of her beauty.


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