@KarlieRedd Dose The Most

Now that the it’s over…Karlie Redd will jump on anything hard and that pays her a little attention.

Karlie Redd go’s below the belt when a man don’t want her anymore. remember when she said that Benzino’s man parts was nothing compared to Young Yoc! Click here in case you missed it!

Karlie Claims that she put Young Joc on….She tells The Hip Hop Enquirer that she feels used … and… that young Joc is a has been. you can see how fucked up her mind frame is look how she keeps trying to indicate that Benzino still wants her and that Benzino’s new girlfriend is using him to get her life!

Just watch this interview ( I can’t with this hoe)

Karlie Redd is doing anything to keep her lame ass on tv, she stays being messy because she knows we love other people’s drama.

Karlie  is  hot mess on sunday morning… Leave that man be.. you didn’t want him when he wanted you .. now that somebody else got him you want him…! Pitiful






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