Kevin Hart Goes In On Ex-Wife & I’m Not Sure Why Everyone Is So Mad At Her…

Why do females act like its Death In The Family when they realationships end. I had a marriage end….Im in a Great marriage now! i been beaten on and cheated on…..did my crying and moved. …. Who cares how long you was there. … He cheated the whole time….. he just dont want you… Move on!

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If you?ve ever watched one of Kevin Hart?s hilarious stand-up comedy shows, you?ve laughed with him about his children, his shortcomings and past marriage with Torrei?a woman he met in college. Torrei and Kevin began a relationship and eventually got married. They had two children, but infidelities on Kevin?s behalf would ruin their union. Torrei filed for divorce in 2010, citing ?irreconcilable differences.? According to her, Kevin cheated on her with the woman, Eniko Parrish, who he is in a relationship with now.

Since Hart?s rise to fame, Torrei has been very vocal about their marriage and what broke them apart. In a recent interview with ET, Torrei revealed that it still hurts, to see her and Kevin?s children with his current girlfriend.

?I never tried to punch her in the face, even though I?ve had moments where ? trust and believe ? I wanted to…

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