Say What: Were These Really The Last Words 2Pac Ever Spoke?

Sounds Like Him!!

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2 Pac

In the nearly 20 years since Tupac Shakur was shot, there have been so many versions of the story that most of that night’s accounts can be filed under tall tales and the people who tell them. Everyone and their grandma has attempted at some point to cash in on the rehashing of that night. But one man has yet to be heard from….and that is the first officer on the scene who is telling the story from his first hand account of events. Officer Chris Carroll is now discounting some of what we’ve heard from others. It’s a very different recollection of events told by a man who is going to fascinate some, anger others and frustrate many for various reasons. The piece was written by the officer’s cousin Sean DeFrank of Vegas Seven. And if what Carrol says is even remotely accurate it will throw many Tupac…

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