Which Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Star Was Thrown Off An Airplane In Chicago?

Lord know it’s always some drama with love and hip hop stars

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Wow! That was a whole lot of F-bombs that just got dropped! Eyewitnesses tell TMZ, Benzino was asked to leave a plane while on a Chicago layover. He was on his way to the ATL. It’s still not really known what went down for sure…but it appears that it had something to do with Benzino being questioned about the seat he was sitting in by the airline staff.

Check it out in the video below!

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Benzino reportedly left the plane without further incident and police were not called to the scene.

Man look…we have questions! Like for instance, did they asked him if he was supposed to be in a first class seat and was that what set him off? We also wonder what he did or said prior to that person filming that got them to dig their phone out and start recording?…

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