Listen Up Kirk! Rasheeda Says ‘There’s No Room For Error’ [EXCLUSIVE]



If you’ve caught “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” at any point last season (or this one) you’re quite familiar with Kirk and Rasheeda’s storyline. You may be one of the people who question if their situation is real or fake, but you can’t deny how engaging they are. Kirk and Rasheeda hit a turbulent patch in their relationship when Kirk cheated on her on national TV then swabbed their son behind her back after he thought she stepped out on him. Whew. Whoever said marriage isn’t easy must have been gazing into their union.

Despite the complexity of their issues, Rasheeda has remained optimistic and she and Kirk are still together. You may be shaking your head, but in a time when people don’t stay together longer than it takes to load a photo on Instagram, we think it’s kinda noble.

We’re smack dab in the middle of…

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