adidas Brazuca for World Cup Scores With Press

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adidas Brazuca Match Ball Scores with the PressThe Washington Post,, ESPN, Maxim, and a host of other sporting news networks are all talking about the adidas Brazuca Official Match Ball , a series of technologically advanced balls, designed specifically for the FIFA 2014 World Cup. The original concept for this 6 panel, thermally bonded ball was tested for 2 1/2 years prior to being released, and even the press put it through it’s own paces. ESPN’s Sport Science put one to the test and this is what they found…


  • “50,000 raised bumps on the surface, creating a series of peaks and valleys. In theory, moisture stays in the valleys, allowing for more surface contact with the foot.


  • Estimated 50% decrease in drag coefficient from that of a ball with a perfectly smooth surface. The lower the drag, the lower the air resistance—allowing the ball to fly a bit farther and faster.


  • 0.71/0.44 – Estimated differences in the coefficient of restitution (essentially, the bounciness) of the ball in the temperature extremes in Brazil. In hot-weathered cities, the Brazuca can be up to 40 percent bouncier.


  • 0.2% increase in weight, the Brazuca could undergo in wet conditions, whether excessive humidity or rain. The FIFA standard for an allowable increase is 10 percent, but adidas didn’t even come close.”


This ball is a next generation performer in terms of style as well as output. What better way to celebrate the upcoming global battle for the FIFA title, than taking your own game to the next level with a Brazuca! The full Brazuca series—official match balls, repliques, gliders and mini match balls—are all currently available for purchase on adidas.

adidas Brazuca Official Match Ball 


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