Just signed up for a new Pay Per Tweet network


Get invited to submit a tweet for a campaign to help tell the brand’s story. A campaign invitation means we think you have potential and want to see what you’ve got!

Go to your twtMob dashboard and submit your most creative and UNIQUE tweet. Think of it as an application to participate in the campaign, so always bring your A-game and follow the twtMob guidelines! You can submit multiple tweets for review.

Your tweet submissions will undergo a rigorous approval process. We choose tweets based on creativity and how brand appropriate a tweet is.

If your tweet, stream, or profile do not follow twtMob guidelines or campaign instructions, you will receive an email explaining your rejection with an opportunity to resubmit.

If your tweet, stream, and profile meet all twtMob guidelines or campaign instructions, you will be added to a pending list of approved tweets.

When the campaign is live, your tweet may be published. Published tweets will appear in your stream and your account will be credited.

Once your account balance has reached $50, you can request to be paid through your dashboard. Payments are issued on the 1st of each month through Paypal.

We are a family! Stay informed and check your twtMob dashboard and emails regularly for opportunities to participate, make money, and be part of the larger story! Remember to set twtMob as an approved contact in your email settings, otherwise you may miss out on paid campaigns!




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