I’m Prince B!$th!

 Lil Mo has let this reality show go to her head….I’m pretty sure there are more people checking for Prince Then Lil Moe….but she being loud and ghetto ratchet as she is.. I expect this from her…. If this is how she felt them by all means these are her feelings but to disrespect Prince is crossing the line… Bitch That’s Prince.. WAIT!!!

Peep the disrespect below:

 We thought she was leaving tho! But… she was so turnt up about having to wait… she went to the note post and then posted it to instagram… wasting her time… could have been enjoying the festival but NO! she throwing shade .. made her a whole Kermit post and everything Lord Jesus!

She doing mess like this…. mean while prince is ON STAGE!!!  ( Yes that was shade)

Prince tweet :“I hope she know, none of her clothes match.”

He has since removed the tweet…. Lil Moe is a clown… she loud and makes a fool out herself being extra all the time.. ( ALL THE DAMN TIME).

And we be wondering why these folks don’t have albums out… clearly they behavior!



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