The Husband, Wife and THEIR Girlfriend

Kristyle and Kenyea are both stippers at ‘King of Diamonds’ in Detroit, Uncle Free is the manager…

Uncle Free is married to Kristyle (the pregnant one) and Kenyea is the girlfriend. They all live in the same household and are expecting a baby girl. They also help raise Uncle Free’s 17 year old son.

Kristyle says: “I am the wife and i’ve been bi-sexual for as far as i can remember. I’ve  been with my husband for 15 years and married for 5 years. We have been in a relationship with Kenyea for almost 5 years.”

According to Uncle Free: “No one was convinced to participate really we just was around each other a lot and things started falling into place.”

I guess uncle free like the ladies becasue they look just alike.. no relation tho!


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