Joseline Gets Beat Down Twice At LHHATL Reuion













The Baddest Bish jumped up to beat down at the LHHATL Reunion by Althea and Tammy….Joseline kept yelling she was going to see these hoes and got seen… and afterwards Althea wanted to know what Joseline was looking like..

But it didn’t stop there.. Tammy (Waka-Flocka’s wife) gave it to joseline too…

Even Bambi put her two cents in on it..

It’s rumored that Deb( waka’s mom) and bambi jumped in to help Tammy out…


Joseline said she was jumped…….



But Althea lets us know that was not the case…

I cant wait to see this mess.. stay tuned ya’ll!

Here a clip of the reunion back stage.. thanks to our peeps over at the … Benzino and stevie have a few words also…

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  2. Crazie Muthafuka Udontwannafukwit
    Sep 08, 2014 @ 19:23:49

    @msstraightnocut b!tch u must be blind & didn’t see the tape I saw. It’s CLEAR Tammy & Althea got Molly whopped by Joseline. The bitch might be cracked out but she plucked ALL thm hoes up that night. THE TAPE DON’T LIE & that manly lookn b!tch Mimi got her @$$ whooped too LMAO LOVED IT!!!

    • msstraightnocut
      Sep 08, 2014 @ 19:41:38

      No bitch you must be the blind one … This post is from July when the show was tapping and it wasn’t clear what’s going on…. Don’t be coming for me … I really don’t play fair ..HOE…


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