“Dear Girlfriend”-A Hand Held Walk Through Breast Cancer

Suzan Rivers, a Breast Cancer survivor, will take you by the hand from the day you are diagnosed and explain every test, every surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. She will be your new best girlfriend as she walks you through your fears and tears with love and laughter along the way to wellness of mind, body and spirit. 
When Suzan Rivers was first diagnosed with Breast Cancer she ran out to find a book written by a Breast Cancer survivor. She wanted to go with the author through every test, every surgery and every emotion that the writer had experienced while fighting cancer. She could not find such a book to purchase so she wrote it herself, for you.
While you read “Dear Girlfriend” – A Hand Held Walk Through Breast Cancer you will be with Suzan in the utmost intimate and frank description you will ever read of what it is really like to fight Breast Cancer. You will sit beside her as she is told by the doctor that she has cancer. You will be with her as she goes through a lumpectomy and later a bi-lateral mastectomy. You will go through radiation and chemotherapy with her. You will be with her the day her hair falls out, a day that starts with tears but ends in laughter. You will be with her through reconstruction of her breasts. Through the whole experience you will see that her life went on full speed ahead, nothing slowed down even though she had cancer. You will see Suzan pull off Christmas for her family even though she was bald and doing chemo. You will hear her say that Mama has to make the magic. You will see her struggle to remain a good wife, daughter, friend, and mother.
You will experience the miracles that kept her alive. You will laugh with her out loud over and over because funny things still happened even though she had cancer. You will become her best girlfriend. She will tell you everything she learned along the way so that your walk through cancer will be easier. She will share all the intimate secrets to survival like how to keep your skin from scaring, how to deal with vaginal dryness caused by estrogen inhibitors, what kind of wig to buy etc. She will share little tricks and helpful hints throughout that will make every step of the Breast Cancer walk easier for you.
This book is not just a “must read” for Breast Cancer patients, but also for their families, friends and loved ones that will accompany them on their journey of treatment and recovery.
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