No More Danity Kane

Now i know they broke up a while back and now they was trying to get it together and make a come back but the come back has push them right back to breaking up again and a fight broke out this time..

Aubrey O’Day let’s her position in this group go to her head and apparently that big head dose not fit will with other member Dawn Wood .. aka D.Woods.

D. Wood is supposed to have punched Aubrey in the back of the head while talking to some one else about a a business deal with the group. 

Aubrey has pressed charges on Dawn.. Aubrey apologize to the fans and said she was sorry the group has split and that they were so close to being finished with the new album.

How much ya’ll want to bet Aubrey said something she should have kept to herself and got punched in the back of the head?

 Can’t wait to see what Dawn has to say!


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