Torrei Hart .. Needs To Have A Seat

Torrei Hart may not know this but she sounds like a bitter women every time she opens her mouth and speaks about what she did for Kevin Hart or what they promise each other back when they was together. 

I read that she said that Her and Kevin promise each other they would always be together and now she is on Atlanta Ex’s Reality Show. Being on that show is her choice..

Torrie.. honey get over it or get lost… your married to Kevin has been over now for seven years or more.. you are wasting you life away as being a bitter ex who can’t  get over that fact that you are not sharing in the spotlight of the man success.  

I’m i wrong?

Because that’s all she seems to talk about … she pushed him.. she was there..etc. etc. 

I don’t hear because i’m so in love with him i want to be with him.. Or my heart is broken.. or even maybe we should do it for the kids… But NO.. its ……“We made a pact that we would never split up. We would always be together. I pretty much would put my career on hold and energy went into him,” she told VH1.

“I pushed him. I was at every show. I was his number one supporter and number one fan.”

And she keeps saying that Kevin new rib as he call her pulled him away from his family….

“We had our rough moments because it also brought around females who wouldn’t normally come around,” she said.

“That’s where we kind of started to split up.”

How do you kind of split up? You do or you don’t…

Torrei claims she is focused on herself and the kids.. but every interview is about Kevin and his rib… She would even have this opportunity if it wasn’t for Kevin we wouldn’t know who Torri is… She says she puts all the energy she use to put in Kevin into herself.

I guess she has to get us warmed up for the new spin off season of Atlanta ex’s that she says is like Sex and The City.

Can’t wait to watch..

Atlanta Exes premieres August 18 on Vh1.


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