You Won’t Believe Who May Have A Love Child?

Wow…some Chick named Lashae has been trying to get somebody to listen to her and the folks at got’s all the tea …


Sip Below…

According to Baller

Today LaShae sent us another message in hopes of getting us to post her story. This time there was a twist — she says she is the mother of MempHitz 4 year old love child and he’s a deadbeat. Well, we obviously love some good tea, but we don’t post ANYTHING without doing some research first. Unfortunately for LaShae, our research leads us to believe she’s not completely trustworth.

In digging up some info on LaShae, we found past instagram comments where she shows a bit of an obsession with reality television stars. From Tiny & Shekinah to Kim Zolciak, she trolls a lot of!celebrityInstagra m pages. As far as her having a four your old child, per her page she definitely is a mother, unfortunately it’s not likely MempHitZ is the father. Why? Because he had a vasectomy over 6 years ago. Also, she never says anything about him being the father of her child in the screen shots until now. Check them out below.

The first sent last month:

Then she sent us these posts today:

First of all sis, how do you say you’re not trying to break up a!happy!home and you have been sending the screen shots to blogs for over a month? You ARE trying to break up a happy home, especially to the point where you have to make up a fairytale that you are the mother of his child. The story was posted, it went nowhere, Toya doesn’t care.
What people would do for a little fame….I hope this was enough for her.. she somewhere right now like ..girl i was on all the blogs today.. PITIFUL!!!


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