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We all Nikko is a dirt bag… so it’s no shock they he and his scamming wife Margo are being sued!!


Via:TheJasmineBrand: has exclusively learned, Nikko has been slapped with a $1.1 million dollar lien, after losing a lawsuit which accused him and his wife of screwing over their music business partners.

A music company named Supafly Entertainment sued Nikko and his wife Margo Simms back in 2008.

Supafly explained in their lawsuit that they were working with a new band named Test Drive with Nikko and Margo. However, the company says they fronted all the cash for the band to be paid to record an album — including promotions, studio time, song writers, production, website etc.

The company said that they then got an offer from Universal Music to sign the band, but Nikko and Margo started making questionablebusiness moves behind the scenes to cut Supafly out of the picture and make a deal without them.

However, the plan backfired and no deal was ever made.

However, the plan backfired and no deal was ever made. The company sued Nikko and his wife for posting the band’s music on Myspace and also having the band perform the music live at concerts.

Nikko never responded to the legal action and a defaulted judgement was entered in July 2008 in the amount of $581,358.42.

Then on May 23rd, Supafly filed a new federal lawsuit in California against Nikko to register the judgement, which is the start of collecting on their money by seizing the reality stars assets and property.

The docs note that the judgement has not been paid and the judgement was swelled up to $1,181,358.42.


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