Mayvenn Raffle


This is also the BIGGEST Mayvenn raffle ever for the all the Mayvenn Clients out there! For the month of December all Mayvenn Clients/customers can enter for a chance to win the ULTIMATE CLIENT BOX. It will include all the essentials you’ll need to take care of you weave from beginning to end. Your box will have a paddle brush, silk night scarf, 4-in-1 curling wand, clarifying shampoo, edge control, hair spray, heat protectant, a wide tooth comb, flexi-rods, a bonnet, a nice professional blow dryer, 3 bundles of Peruvian Straight Mayvenn Hair, butterfly clips, and a boar bristle brush. WHEW! Thats a lot! Just 3 easy steps to enter for a chance to win.

1⃣. Buy $200 worth of Mayvenn Products.
2⃣. Follow @MayvennHair via Instagram.
3⃣. Repost this image, tag us, and use Hashtag #MAYVENNXMASBOX

Good LUCK!

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