Light Girls


In an interview with Bill Duke at the beginning of the month, he had this to say about what viewers can expect when they watch the documentary:

Duke said that he interviewed both lighter skinned Black girls and women. Many viewers, who will likely be expecting to hear stories of light skinned privilege, will be horrified by stories of abuse and objectification which were also inflicted upon them for the shade of their Blackness. He recounted briefly an interview he did with a lighter skinned Black woman, who had Nair hair removal thrown onto her head and her hair pulled out from the roots by a gang of darker skinned women, who were likely jealous because of the lightness of her skin. He also said that the film will feature Black men, who readily admit to desiring lighter skinned women as status symbols.

“With these films, I’m not trying to judge anybody and just presenting the truth of how people feel,” he said. “My point with this film is that you [dark skinned and light skinned] both should stop.”

The film will make its debut on January 19 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Check out a teaser trailer and share your thoughts in the comments…


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