Diamond Strawberry Got Dragged On Twitter ….


Diamond Strawberry got dragged last night on the INTERNET and she should have.. Not telling a man who you have been dating for two years that you  had a child from the gate is a no-no.

Telling him that it’s your dog in the back ground when it was your child … this chick needs to be slap .. Maybe then she may have a little since GOD gave her…

Moving half way across the world for a job and leave your child I can understand…

But leaving your child to go chasing up behind  a man who clearly does not want to be with you unless y’all laying up.

I’m not the only one that thinks this.. check out what other people had to say about Diamond Strawberry….

Watching . So disgusted by Diamond Strawberry dating a man for two years and not telling him she had a daughter.

Bitch you stupid !! Your daughter should mean more to you then a man ! Get off my screen dummy

bitch U look so fucking stupid. Your child comes first not some goofy nigga

 I’m positive your dad, the crackhead is disappointed in you u know how wack u gotta be to disappoint a ceackhead???


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