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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Cast Under Construction ……

Well you look at this shit here…. Mona Scott  hired Nikko and his wife Margo as new cast members of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta



I wonder who else is coming in we told ya’ll Neiva was going to be a new cast member….(If You Missed It Click Here)


Lets do a roll call …. Mimi Faust is still on the show , Stevie and Joseline(she suspended click here if you missed it, Nevia, and now Nikko and Margo,


Say Bye Bye  to, Kirk & Rasheeda, Kaleena & Tonya, Benzino & Althea, no word on Scrappy, The Bam Or Erica Dixon, We know Ariene will be there because Mimi is .

What do you ya’ll think about the new cast?

Teality……..VIa….Comfimed By…..TMZ.Com

Nicole Murphy Was Cheating On Michael Strahan!!

When I heard that these two had broke off the engagement I said it was her….not him.. Michael is not going to just call of this engagement something happened!

And I was kinda right!

 Nicole was caught courting with retired NBA player Jim Jackson.. who is apparently cheating on his wife because he is married to Shawnee Simms…

Rumor has it that Michael was doing his thing too so they both just decided to call it quits…Check out the pics below TMZ gathered of Nicole And Jim “Hanging Out”!!

Nicole dose not need to be tied down anyway.. she should just date and live life she spent all those years with Eddie ….she shouldn’t want to be married again just yet!


“Sorry Ms. Carter”………..RAPPER LIV Addresses Beyonce’

Bow Wow Ex Ayisha Show’s Proof Of Why They Broke Up

Bow had went off the other week about his ex Ayisha and how much she cheating on him with any and every one… Well Ayisha has something to say about that and shows us the real reason why Bow Wow and Here are not together any more.

Be careful trying to make a fool out of some one else and end up making a fool out of yourself!

Karrueche Is Not Ready For Marriage

Spell Your Name


Rumor Has It!

I told y’all yesterday when I post Setting The Record Straight that something is going on with T.I. and Tiny.

Now I know y’all remembering hearing rumors about T.I and Tiny getting into over Grammy Weekend and then posting messy stuff on social media.

remember T.I. Posting this:

And Tiny Posted This:

Now the streets say that T.I. and Tiny went blow to blow out there on them people’s red carpet at the Grammy’s and because you know T.I. got a little pull in Atlanta he got the blogs to keep this all quiet and shit!

The Harris’s have to keep this mess of a mess on the low because they don’t want to world to not see the positive image that T.I. and his family portray to the public.

Even Shekinah tried to keep the noise low :


T.I. cheated on Tiny Before … Remember when Actress Monique had her talk show on BET and her guest was T.I. and he bought Flavor Of Love Star Hoops with him.. and Monique put them Blast because she was seating front row.


 TI talked about his prison bid, his new movie Takers and his relationship with Tiny.

“With us it goes without saying. We have an understanding. A bond where we ain’t got to say it. She ain’t got to say “I got you”, [cause] I already know. And I ain’t got to say “I got you” because she already know”

Now the beef that happen over the weekend is due to the facts that T.I. had a baby outside if the marriage and Tiny is super pissed.

The baby is under a year so this is all new.. and T.I. because of his guilt thinks Tiny is on some get back and T.I. Thinks its Floyd because of the photo Tiny put up of her and Floyd’s Daughter and her and Floyd.

So Tiny must have found out about the baby while the chick was still pregnant. And Jumped ship back in February…..

Click Here If You Missed It And Heres Another One

I’m so wondering who this chick is with the baby, and what is T.I. Telling her and Giving her to keep quiet?

I,m so sure that when she get mad she will be talking!!

What ever is going on I hope the best for both….


What Happen To Eva Marcille & Kevin McCall?

They we’re the cuties couple, now they have split and she has full custody of they’re daughter and Kevin has no visitation.

SHe even had to get a restraining order…. Eve said that Kevin with through the house like the tasmanian devil.

Kevin is not going to let go that easy he , they have a custody hearing next month.

All i want to know is… What the hell hapeen?

They seem so in love… was it her .. was it him… did he cheat… did she cheat.. is she crazy? is he crazy?

I Must know!!!!

The Champ Is Here!

Floyd Mayweather said that he’s not going to let folks speak about him and they on the outside looking in.

He said the real reason that he and Miss Jackson are not together anymore is because she had an abortion and that she never told him about it , he found the papers snooping I guess.

Miss Jackson who is now dating rapper Nelly

Miss Jackson must be pillow talking with Nelly.. rumor has it that Floyd treats his girlfriends well when it comes to buying things like bags, and shoe, and jewelry .. going on trips and things.. but his personality is real rude.

Nelly took a shot a Floyd on twitter last night and not long after 50 Cent did too:



The rumors maybe right we should ask Ray-J if since Floyd’s women like to talk and Ray -J is now dating one of Floyd Mayweathers ex Princess Love .. Yeah Ray- J took One Of Floyd’s girls too!

We know for certain Nelly or Ray -J not just running up taking Floyd Mayweather Women… so these rumors may be the truth… Floyd Just got a lot of money to throw around remember the chick that said his penis was small and had a picture to prove:

Yeah HUH! Floyd we going need you to improve on that personality or you well never keep a chick……



Marrying The Game (Season 3)

I know you are thinking the same thing that i am thinking… But yes they reality show Marrying The Game is still going to air on VH1 May 7th at 10:30.

I knew that this was going to end soon .. Tiffany Cambridge wants Jayceon  Taylor ( The Game) to change because she wants to get married…and make him settle down.

The show was supposed to show them preparing to walk down the aisle.. but somewhere up in their things fail! There will be no marriage!

They are now fighting each other and over the children!

Tiffany seem to me ………to be putting on for the  tv, nagging and insecure….none of this makes for a good relationship and especially if your going to be on tv.

You can’t change no man.. he will change for you if he wants too!


Lil Scrappy’s Side Chick Telling Bambi’s Business



If you seen the super trailer for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta you would see that Lil Scrappys new side piece is Erica pinkett.  Her and Bambi get into a fight because like any side piece……they have to let the main chick know they fucking they man… SMDH!

Anyway I guess the fight meant nothing because they have taken it to Instagram Of course Erica started it.. she must be the one that got beat up…She the post below:

Then Bambi came with

Then Erica keeps it going withOh and lets not forget Erica is with child…… I guess that april fools joke that Erica Dixon put up came and bite her in the ass! and her dumb ass is putting up pics captioning that she is his backbone and that’s why he always comes back.. Erica you’re not much of a backbone… your to weak!

This season is going to be jumping!


Come Advetise With Me

See The Submission Page


Embarrassing Facebook Rejections

People are constantly breaking up and breaking hearts on Facebook. Other people are constantly taking screen shots of these. God bless both of them!

Why do people feel the need to make their private life public?? Oh well, It keeps me entertained.  See more here>>>

Kordell Stewart Speaks About His Marriage

Kordell sets down with Peter and his story is waaaaaay different then Porsha’s

Watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 | Kordell Stewart Returns to #RHOA!.

Keyshia Cole Can’t Keep A Man

We all know Keyshia is press to get a man and then when she gets one she runs him off. Run Daniel ! Run! (Daniel Gibson)

Remember she was dating Young Jezzy and she ran him off by trying to get him to put a ring on it.

Then she gets the man she said was the love of her life and if you watch the same reality show that I did ,you would have seen how she treated her soon to be ex husband …. She was so hateful, mean and rude to him.

Now she on Instagram crying about she can’t find nobody!

Keyshia might still have her husband if she talked to him more than she post on Twitter & instagram…when she has a problem ..

She puts her business out there and then gets mad when somebody speak on it…

If she went this hard for her marriage she might not be going thur this!


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Mama Dee Drops A Dime On Lil Scrappy

bambi2shayI reported a few weeks ago that @AdizBAMBI & @ShayJohnson  had beef (if you missed it Clicked here

Seems like Shay has back peddled after she said she was done with Scrappy.

Shay Seems thirsty to me always hanging with Mama Dee & Shit!

And Mama Dee has no filter because she done mind , BAE!BAE!

Now Bambi has got the tea on Shay and Scrappy creeping, But Scrappy say that ain’t the case and he is not cheating on Bambi.

Mama Dee say’s other wise..

Listen… I can’t wait!




Tina Campbell Dose Not Trust Her Husband

As it turns out, Teddy cheated while she was touring. Now it’s hard for Tina to stop worrying that he’ll do it again.

Whenever I’m on the road, I think about what my husband did to me. He was unfaithful to me while I was on the road,” Tina revealed in a new teaser for “Mary Mary” season 3. “So I’ve got to wonder, ‘Since you got caught, are you faithful now? Do you really mean that you want to be a better man to me? Or are you still who you were?’”

When the show returns February 27, much of her story-line this season will center on the heavy topic.

“I’m broken. My heart is crushed,” Tina frustrated confessed. “I gotta get on the stage and I gotta act like everything is all good, and it’s not all good! I’m dying inside! I need all the help that God can give because my situation is to’ up. ”


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