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If You Missed It! OMG! Insider Wth @EvelynLozada

Chad Say’s He Wants To Be The First To Buy Evelyn A Baby Gift!

I was scrolling my facebook feed and came across a post Porsha Williams ( Porsha Stewart) posted … here is the posted!

Porsha Stewart


@Jackie Christie Defends @Shaunie O’neal After @Laura Govan Made Ho Statement


A few days ago Laura Govan spoke against a TV shows she was once apart of in a bad light.

Saying executive producer Shaunie O’Neal ruined the franchise by hiring hos!

And this coming from the hoe that slept with Shaunie’s husband.

And from sleeping with Shaq Laura’s baby daddy NBA player Gilbert Arenas wanted a paternity test for the kids he had by Laura because she is a hoe.

The pot always wants to call the kettle black!

During a recent interview with Mara The Hip Hop Socialite,

Jackie Christie comes to Shaunie’s defense saying…

“I feel like everybody is entitled to their own opinion, and I feel like Shaunie has done a great thing. I have to take my hat off to Shaunie first and foremost. Not only is she one of my closest friends, I respect her; I feel like I’m a part of her franchise, and I’m proud of the show. I feel like there’s a lot of girlfriends and fiancee and everything just in general, but it’s okay. The show is titled Basketball Wives, but it doesn’t necessarily have to mean wives. It could be an ex-wife, like with the Miami version, a lot of them are ex-wives, but they are wives. So I think it’s more about the females involved with professional athletes, basketball athletes world. That’s what I think the show is basically saying. So our show this season without giving it away, there’s about three or four wives actually on Basketball Wives: LA. So it is what it is. I don’t really know what happened as far as how that conversation came about with Laura making those comments, so I’d be speaking out of turn, but I look at what Shaunie has done in only a positive light. And not only Shaunie, but Shed Media, VH1, everybody.”

Laura’s ass mad because her or her sister won’t be apart of the franchise  any more and the only light she getting is dressing like the hoe she is and posting photos on instagram.




Evelyn Lozada Says No Season 6 Of Basketball Wives For Her

Evelyn Lozada recently did an interview with the Huffington Post Live where when asked about how we can expect to see her life play out in future seasons, her response was “As far as future seasons, I signed on to do 5 seasons. And this is our fifth. I don’t really see me doing a sixth season,” she admitted. “I’m open to doing a spinoff, but just not with a cast of women.

The interviewer followed up with asking how much weight viewers and fans should be putting into what Tami is saying about your future. . Evelyn responded as follows: Non because cause she doesn’t know anything about my future. I don’t talk to her, we don’t text, we don’t communicate at all. Maybe she just needs to talk about that to get an interview.



Shaunie Claims She’s Putting Her Foot Down!

Shaunie O'Neal

Shaunie O’Neal says she is done letting Evelyn and Tami take over and try to run Basketball Wives.

During an interview with Hello Beautiful Shaunie confessed that she is ready to show the REAL her. I don’t know what that means. My question is who was she showing us all this time?

But anyway…

In the interview she said she does not feel she spoke up enough on previous seasons.

She said she just sat back and let Tami and Evelyn take over the show.

Shaunie has had enough of that I guess!  Well shall see.

Who else is waiting for Shaunie to turn-up?

the 38-year-old entrepreneur confessed that she’s ready to show the “real” her and part of that means no longer taking the backseat to Tami and Ev. – See more at:



bbw5Roman sits down with Bossip and spills a little tea…

Click the link to watch……



Evelyn Misses Chad (At The Time)

Preview Of Monday Episode Of Basketball Wives ‘Evelyn Misses Chad’ Watch here>>>


Basketball Wives Episode 3 Season 5

If you missed last night.. You should do better!

Tasha Marbury through a little shade in the limo with Suzie about Evelyn and Chad’s head butting indecent.

Tami’s mother is dying and she worried about if Shaunie put a bad seed about her to Tasha giving her the wrong impression of her.

But there is really no wrong impression of Tami, She is who she is. And she always saying she don’t care what people think of her but she ready to start the beef because she thinks Shaunie did her wrong.

Watch if you missed out!

Tami always got a problem with no problem.




Pilar dose not seem to be thinking about her ex husband Dieon, not one bit. Rumor has it that she is letting BABY lay her down. What dose Evelyn think about this, because Chad spilled the tea about her and BABY? Baby got ’em lined up! Will there be drama? Do You Think Pilar Is Letting BABY Get Some?

Chad Johnson Said Evelyn’s A Hoe

Chad Johnson said Evelyn Lazada Is Loose Just Like Kenya Bell Said, Chad spilled the tea when Evelyn’s daughter pulled the shade down on Chad for cheating on her mother, but Chad said Evelyn was giving it up to While they were together and somebody or maybe all of YCMB and that’s how she got her book deal! Evelyn say it ain’t so



Basketball Wives Has A New Season And New Cast Member

Tasha Marbury (Stephon Marbury wife) is the new cast member on the 5th season of Basketball Wives along with the regular cast Shaunie O’Neal, Suzie Ketcham, Evelyn Lozada, and Tami Roman are back!

All the lady’s look great
I well be watching , (DON’T JUDGE ME!)

Evelyn Lozada And Shaunie O’Neal Storm Out Of Tasha Marbury’s Birthday Party

According to the streets a certain person was in the building for the festivities and said, Tasha Marbury, who is the wife of former NBA Player Stephon Marbury, arrived 2 hours late to a party she was throwing and was mad as hell because Evelyn, Shaunie and Suzie had left the party before she got there. Evelyn, Shaunie and Suzie made sure that they talked in front of cameras saying that Tasha’s super fashionably late arrival was wack and they we’re leaving.

First off why was this child two hours late for HER own party, And why is she mad people left her party? I agree with Shaunie and Evelyn about her being this late from her own party. But i wouldn’t have left the party, why does Tasha need to be there for you to party? Suzie she was just doing following the leaders(Eve and Shaunie) because she is a follower and can continue to making money as long as she is on Shaunie’s good side!

I like Eve and Shaunie, but it’s a party enjoy, drink , laugh, did i say drink? Dance! Why be so uptight all the time? It go’s to show you money don’t make you happy, it just makes you live better.

Would you have left the party?

The NFL Ain’t Playing That domestic violence Mess!

images (76)

Chris Rainey running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers has been fired from the team for allegedly attacking his girlfriend.

The Media is saying the fight happened because his girlfriend went through his phone. It also says Chris dragged his girlfriend out of the passenger seat of a car and slapped her in the face in the process, causing both of them to fall to the ground.

GM, Kevin Colbert says,

“Chris Rainey’s actions this morning were extremely disappointing. Under the circumstances and due to this conduct, Chris will no longer be a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers. “

Chris is charged with battery and is still in custody.

Read more:


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