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Holiday Hair Tutorial – Antique Head Crown

Holiday Hair Tutorial – Antique Head Crown
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Looking for a holiday hair style that is elegant but different? Try this Antique Head Crown style complements of our friends at Madison Reed.

How to Create a Stunning Antique Head Crown Hair Style
1. With your hair in a center part, take a one-by-two inch section at the front and braid. Repeat this on the other side.
2. Lift up a section of hair from the crown of your head. Gently back comb (comb down on hair towards head) to build volume.
3. Smooth the backcombed section back and secure your braids with bobby pins.
4. Attach a dramatic hair accessory where the first braid is pinned.
5. Attach the accessory to the other braid. Let the piece rest gently into your curls.
6. Get creative with the beautiful pieces you own, like necklaces, brooches, and more. This look was made with a jacket closure discovered years ago at an estate sale, and it has gained new life as a hair accessory.
Even the simplest of styles can be dramatic with a little extra sparkle. Give your hair that extra shine every day with Madison Reed Radiant Color Kit or the new semi-permanent Color Reviving Gloss. Madison Reed’s hair color is better for you and better for your hair as it contains no harsh chemicals like PPD or ammonia. Find your perfect hair color now!

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Two More Fabulous Holiday Hair Styles

Two More Holiday Hair Tutorials with Bling

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Take any simple hair style from simple to spectacular with a shiny accessory! Our friends at Madison Reed have two more holiday hair styles that are perfect for your next holiday gathering.

Holiday Hair Tutorial

How to Create a Bejeweled Top Bun

1. Gather hair up to your crown and put into a ponytail. Leave a few flattering face-framing tendrils loose.

2. Pin hair securely into a messy bun with bobby pins.

3. Bedazzle your bun with glittering adornments. We chose diamond spin pins by Goody. These and similar accessories are easy to find in drugstores and even easier to use!

Holiday Hair Tutorial

Big and Bold Barrettes

1. Start by giving yourself a deep side part. This will create the look of bangs without a haircut (and possibly become a conversation starter at parties!).

2. Take your favorite barrette and clip all the hair that you gathered to the side.

3. The bigger the barrette the better! It’s a simple way to stand out in the crowd.

Even the simplest of styles can be dramatic with a little extra sparkle. Give your hair that extra shine every day with Madison Reed Radiant Color Kit or the new semi-permanent Color Reviving Gloss. Madison Reed’s hair color is better for you and better for your hair as it contains no harsh chemicals like PPD or ammonia. Find your perfect hair color now!


Madison Reed’s New Color Reviving Gloss Makes Every Day a Good Hair Day

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Great hair days feel great because people see you at your best! That’s why Madison Reed created Color Reviving Gloss, a semi-permanent color and deep conditioning treatment, to give you brilliant color and shine.

Color Reviving Gloss

A lot of people haven’t learned about hair gloss yet, but that’s about to change. Whether your hair is natural, color-treated, or highlighted, Color Reviving Gloss can do it all: repair hair so it’s super soft and supple, boost color, tone down brassy highlights, correct yellow-looking grays, and add light-reflecting shine. And it does all that without permanently changing your color, so you always have a choice.

Madison Reed’s gloss works on all hair types and comes in eight shades, including Glassa, a clear gloss that gives you all the benefits without changing your color. For women who celebrate their grays, Crema is a cool violet beige that counteracts yellow tones to leave you with a beautiful silvery color.

Color Reviving Gloss is easy to use: there’s no mixing needed. Every shade is already designed to deliver rich, dimensional color by international hair expert, Susan Roberts-Cooper. The tube even has a built-in applicator tip so you can apply the gloss directly to dry hair and get great results!

As always, Madison Reed focuses on both performance and long-term care of your health and hair. This breakthrough better-for-you formula is free from harmful added parabens, sulfates, resorcinol, phthalates, and gluten, and fortifies your hair with a Triple Care Complex of Keratin, Argan Oil, and Ginseng Root Extract.

Choose your color of Color Reviving Gloss at Madison Reed and look radiant every day!

5 Hair Health Tips for New Moms

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These days, it’s easy to find information about hair care. The challenge is how to sort fact from fiction. Madison Reed is here to help!

Dr. Jan Hansen, a board certified OB/GYN, explains the science behind common questions and popular hair tips so we can all make better decisions for our hair and health.

Hair Health Facts

1. Can I color my hair while pregnant?

It’s interesting to note that the American College of OB/GYN has no recommendations about coloring hair during pregnancy, yet many women are concerned. I chose to color my hair in all three trimesters with all four of my children. I wish that Madison Reed had been available back then. I would have been much more comfortable using Madison Reed Radiant Color Kit instead of the traditional smelly, harsh dyes.

Everyone’s pregnancy is different, so always consult with your personal physician. I feel Madison Reed products provide a better option and a better experience.

2. Why do some new moms lose so much hair?

Don’t worry, this is normal. Hair grows, rests, and sheds in cycles. During pregnancy, higher estrogen levels alter the hair cycles. The hair continues to grow, while the resting and shedding phases are paused. That’s why hair is longer, thicker, and fuller while pregnant.

After you deliver, the shedding and resting phases resume. All of the hair that would have been shed during the pregnancy can be shed all at once. It can be quite alarming losing clumps of hair! This is normal and within a few months, the hair will return to a normal cycle.

3. Is it true that hair can stretch 30% longer when wet?

Yes! Hair is made of 90% proteins that are held together by chemical bonds. When wet, these bonds are temporarily broken, allowing the hair to stretch and weaken. The bonds reform when dry and shrink back to normal.

4. How can I prevent damage to wet hair?

Because the bonds that hold strands together are temporarily broken, wet hair is vulnerable to damage. Follow these three simple rules to protect your hair. Use a wide-tooth comb or detangling wet brush. Avoid a tight ponytail while your hair is wet. When the hair dries and shrinks back, the ponytail could cause breakage. Wait until your hair is 80-90% dry before styling it.

5. Why do some people grow longer hair than others?

There is a limit to how long each person’s hair can grow, called the terminal length. The terminal length depends on a predetermined growing cycle. It usually is 3-5 years but can be as long as 10! The longer your growing cycle, the longer your hair can get. Considering hair typically grows 6 inches per year, 10 years of growing is really long hair!

While you can’t change genetics, you can protect your long hair by keeping it healthy and strong. Take care when you style your hair and use healthier hair products that can help prevent and repair damage to the hair.

Find your perfect hair color now from Madison Reed and get hair color that is healthy for your hair.


FREE Shipping on Holiday Hair Essentials

Root Touch Up

Madison Reed hair color is truly a luxurious, healthier, at-home experience with better-for-you ingredients like argan oil, keratin, and ginseng root. You can turn hair coloring with Madison Reed into your own relaxing, luxurious, ‘pamper-yourself ‘experience by incorporating a holiday mani/pedi while you wait for your hair to process, listen to a holiday playlist, and make your own spa water or cocktail. Share this time with loved ones, maybe your girlfriends for a girls night in, with your mom, your partner, your whole family, or maybe by yourself for some alone time. The important thing is to remember to take time for yourself during the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

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How to Instantly Cover Roots and Gray Hair with Madison Reed’s Root Touch Up

How to Instantly Cover Roots and Gray Hair with Madison Reed’s Root Touch Up

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Put the focus on you, not your hairline.

Newly launched this week, Madison Reed introduces Root Touch Up in a full spectrum of colors to conceal roots and grays on the go.

Root Touch Up

Think about all those times you need to look your best without waiting for a salon appointment or coloring your hair at home: an important meeting, a big reunion, or even an impromptu dinner date. Imagine whipping out a compact and quickly blending in the perfect color on your hairline, part, and stray grays. That’s the thought behind Root Touch Up!

Madison Reed created a lightweight powder in eight shades—from platinum blonde to rich black—that brushes on dry, blends seamlessly with your hair color, and stays put until your next shampoo… even if you’re leaving the gym or caught in the rain.

Root Touch Up

As always, Madison Reed focused on both performance and long-term care of your health and hair. Root Touch Up has no added parabens and is completely free of titanium dioxide (a possible carcinogen), sulfates (that strip hair of natural oils), and gluten (which can trigger allergic reactions).

You get all the benefits of dry shampoo too! This fine, micro-milled powder absorbs oil, adds volume, and has a light fresh fragrance that revives “next day” hair.

Root Touch Up

Madison Reed’s initial collection of eight Root Touch Up shades was just released and they are going quickly. Choose your perfect color now!


Ready for Date Night?

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5 Pro Tips for Silky, Shiny Hair

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Shiny hair often translates to healthier-looking hair as well. Here are 5 tips for achieving this lustrous look courtesy of Madison Reed

5 Tips for Shiny Hair

1. Protect from Heat:

Be sure to apply a heat protectant product to your hair before your heat styling or blow drying regimen to protect your hair from increased damage.

2. Banish Build Up:

All of the product we use to protect our hair or achieve a particular style can sometimes stick to the hair shaft and create build up. Performing a deep hair cleanse is a great way to restore shine and remove excess build up. Try using apple cider vinegar with a mixture of water to treat and cleanse your mane. Mix a one-to-one ratio of each and apply the mixture in the shower. Shampoo while the mixture is still on your hair and condition as usual.

3. Chill Out:

Finish a shower or bath with a cup of cold water on your hair. This will help lock down the hair cuticles, making the surface smoother, which reflects more light and offers incredible shine.

Water saving tip: Fill a big cup or pitcher with cold water while waiting for the water to warm up before your shower.

The Cool Shot Button: Use your hairdryer nozzle to direct cool air down the hair shaft. It will smooth out the cuticle and add a nice shine to your hair.

4. Stay Hydrated:

Drink plenty of water! Hydrated hair will shine from the inside out.

5. Condition, Condition, Condition:

Using a deep conditioner or a leave-in conditioner is essential when trying to achieve a shinier, healthier head of hair. Remember, hydrated hair is happy hair.

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Hair Tutorial: Side Chignon–The French Bun

(Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links)

Otherwise known as a French bun, a chignon traditionally sits at the nape of the neck. In its loose, messy form it’s great for hiding bad hair days. In its smooth, polished form it’s perfect for a night of theater and fine dining.

Here’s our simple step-by-step tutorial for this versatile style–from the professionals on the Color Crew at Madison Reed!

Side Chignon Tutorial

1. Create a deep side-part, as clean or messy as you like.

2. Gather all hair behind opposite ear from part. Smooth with your favorite brush if desired, or leave messy.

3. Secure into a ponytail with a hair-tie.

4. Separate ponytail into three sections. Take bottom-most section and start twisting.

5. While twisting section, curl around base of ponytail. Secure to base of ponytail with pin.

6. Repeat with two remaining sections twisting into complimentary curls.

7. Pin the two remaining sections into place as you go.

8. Once a completed curled Chignon has been pinned into place, pull out small sections for a romantic feel, or smooth and perfect with a tail comb for a modern, clean result. Spray to hold.

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Happy October! Take $10 off your first purchase of Madison Reed hair color – just use the offer code OCTOBERLOVE at checkout.

5 Hair-Damaging Chemicals in Hair Color
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links

In the world of hair color there are quite a few choices, but not many of them good. It’s as if the drugstore box colors and other online brands have dropped the “care” from hair care. Focusing instead on making the least expensive product that fries your hair and doesn’t take your health in consideration at all.

Madison Reed

Here are five hair-damaging chemicals found in most hair dyes:

1. Ammonia / Ammonium Hydroxide:

From our inception we created a formula that does not need ammonia. Other colors use it to increase shelf life, add hair pH, and blast open the hair shaft so their color can penetrate the cuticle.

  • Ammonia is harsh on hair leaving it dull and limp
  • Responsible for the pungent smell of most hair dyes
  • Increases hair porosity, which weakens hair causing frizz and split ends, and leads to color fading
  • Exposure to ammonia fumes can irritate skin, eyes, throat, and lungs, causing watery eyes, itchy scalps, coughing, and burning

2. Resorcinol:

A common ingredient in many hair colors, resorcinol is used as a dye. Our formula doesn’t need resorcinol.

  • Resorcinol is frequent cause of allergic reactions to hair dye
  • Can be toxic to the immune system

3. PPD (para-phenylenediamine):

A pigment used to create darker shades. We’ve eliminated PPD from all of our colors and instead use a safer alternative to create our rich, dark shades.

  • A high skin sensitizer, PPD is proven to trigger allergic reactions to hair dye which can result in severe dermatitis, swelling, eye irritation, and tearing
  • The EPA warns that long-term exposure can lead to asthma, gastritis, renal failure, vertigo, tremors, convulsions, and coma in humans

4. Ethanol Alcohol (isopropyl alcohol):

Known as Alcohol Denat, it’s used in the dye absorption process. We’ve replaced this alcohol with a naturally derived alternative that doesn’t dry hair the way ethanol does.

  • Ethanol Alcohol is often the cause of dried out hair after dyeing

5. Parabens:

Known to be a controversial preservative, parabens are said to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. We don’t add parabens to our formulas.

  • Parabens have little evidence to support their effectiveness

We care what we put in your hair, that’s why Madison Reed has eliminated these ingredients from our hair color formula.

We re-engineered hair color by replacing harsh ingredients that are traditionally used in the coloring process with ingredients that are gentler on your hair and leave it healthier with longer lasting, salon-quality results.

What are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to try Madison Reed’s healthier for you color! Happy October! Take $10 off your first purchase of Madison Reed hair color – just use the offer code OCTOBERLOVE at checkout.


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Fall Hair Color Tips & 50% off Coupon Code

Madison Reed Hair Color

Autumn Hair – 5 Tips to Go Darker for FallDisclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Fall is just around the corner, good things are coming; autumn leaves, crisp refreshing air, pumpkin lattes…  A new rich, deep hue for you!  Here are some tips from Madison Reed for when you are getting ready to go darker.

1. Put Your Pigment Back

When going lighter for summer, pigments are stripped from the hair. This could be done purposely by lightening, highlights, or bleach, or it could be something natural that happens from sun exposure or from taking a dip in the pool. So, if pigments were taken out, we need to put them back in to go darker. This would be a great time to be a red head before eventually settling on a brunette shade to wow!

2. Keep Your Skin Tone in Mind

Adding tones to your locks is a lovely way to make your color rich and vibrant. But are you a cool or a warm skin tone? Generally people with cooler undertone like to wear silver jewelry and look great in cool colors like blue and white. Tones like mahogany, ash, and violet will look awesome on you!  People with warmer undertones find that gold looks best on them and can wear yellows and cream colors with ease. Reds, golds and copper look great on warm tones.

3. Go One Shade Lighter to Start

It is much easier to go darker than it is to go lighter. Choose a shade in the tonal family that you want and go one shade lighter. You just may end up loving the results, if not it’s a quick fix to go a bit darker on the next round.

4. Keep Your Ends in Mind

The summer tends to put a little bit of wear and tear on our hair with all the sun, swimming and fun. This makes our ends more porous, which means it wants to drink that color up. When coloring your hair darker it is important to keep this in mind. Application is key! Start darkening hair at the root and leave in for optimal gray coverage, once this has had time to process start combing color down to your mid-lengths and ends to finish the process. The ends don’t need as much time.

 5. Use Color-Safe Shampoo

It is important to take care of your color even after the process. Don’t wash that beautiful color down the drain. Color-safe shampoo’s are made to be gentle, have extra moisturizer, and keep your color vibrant. Try Madison Reed’s Madison Reed nourishing, color enhancing shampoo and conditioner set–it even has natural UV protection to keep the sun’s rays from dulling down your color.

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Hot Hairstyles for Fall

(Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.)

Madison Reed Hair Color

Autumn is fast approaching and it’s all about ease and nonchalant simplicity. According to Madison Reed, top looks this fall include; twisted and fly away top knots; sexy, sixties style bouffants; creative braids; easy, loose mat waves; sleek center pats; and bobby pins galore!

Bobby Pins: Bobby Pins are coming out of hiding! Use them instead of barrettes to create beautiful art styles with impeccable hold power and infinite interest.

Mat Waves: The wave of fall for long locks is casual and elegant in subdued, natural shades with just a touch of gold, effortless and beautiful.

Top Knots: For a practical work day style or a dramatic elegant evening look, the top knot is the way to go. Throw in a braid or two, let it fly away or twist it into a sleek coil. Keep it high and keep it simple.

Center Part: A crisp center part is a powerful look this season. It commands attention and suggests a total clarity of intention. It’s a high impact style and with just a little effort you can break away from your “comfortable” parting and dramatically refresh your look!

Creative Braids: The hottest trend this fall is the creative braid. It is the most versatile, interesting, and fun style of the season. You can braid to the side, tie them, french, fishtail, crooked, milkmaid and everything in between. Don’t be afraid to play and innovate!

Sixties Bouffant: Break out your back combing brush and give it a retro lift! You can go big for a striking and sexy nest or just give it a little bump up for a voluptuous vintage look.

And as you warm up you hair color for the season, check out some of the gorgeous reds and brunettes Madison Reed has to offer. Use FALLHAIRCOLOR and receive 50% off your first purchase at

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Become A Stylist

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Meet A Stella & Dot Stylist

Lauren, Stella & Dot Star Stylist
Lauren is familiar with the word ‘sacrifice’. Not only a mom (as all moms know that word), she is also a military wife whose husband is a pilot in the Air Force. However one thing that Lauren refused to sacrifice was her joy. One day, while her husband was serving in Iraq, she decided that she needed to take ownership of her personal happiness and find something that she could love that belonged to just her, as well as give her a sense of pride. That ‘something’ was becoming a Stella & Dot Stylist! Now she is defining her success on her own terms and celebrates the fact that she is the one that treats her husband on date night.

“My husband was in Iraq when I signed up and I had already made back my investment before he returned!

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Looking For The Hair For your Sew-Ins?

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