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Hey everyone , i sure y’all noticed that no new post have been here since dec. 31, 2013,

That is because we have got a Gig over atlogo benonesear …(same job)…. We still have the latest in Celebrity Gossip, Reality TV, Fashion, Music, Beauty and other News over a…….Hope To See You Soon!!!!


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Breast Cancer Awareness


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! We want to do our part to help raise awareness of the disease……

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Praying for you Leah!

AMAZING: Leah Still, daughter of Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still, had surgery on Thursday to remove all of her cancerous tumors. She’s recovering quickly!

Let’s Cure Childhood Cancer Together

Let’s Cure Childhood Cancer Together
September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness month, and zulily is doing their part to help find a cure. Through September 30th, together with zulily we can help fund the Ben Towne Foundation, a nonprofit public charity that is working to accelerate the pace of new breakthrough research. Doctors at the Ben Towne Childhood Cancer Center for Research at the Seattle Children’s Research Institute have been working on an immunotherapy treatment that could make cancer treatment as we know it a thing of the past—within our lifetime. They are developing a treatment that uses a child’s own immune system to fight cancer, eliminating the need for chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Within 20 years, this cure could become the new normal.

Together we can help the reality of finding a cure go from ‘if’ to ‘when’.Visit zulily to donate to the Ben Towne Foundation, and to read more about the lives that this potential cure has already touched, and the doctors working so hard to make this miracle real. 100% of all donations will be used to support the research at the BTCCCR.

Weight Management!!


High Metabolism?



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Tired of diets that don’t work? Have you tried other weight loss plans and lost weight, but gained it all back? Well IdealShape is not a diet… it’s a healthy lifestyle change!

By providing a complete weight loss plan that focuses on a healthy lifestyle and lasting results, you will maximize your earning potential. The IdealPlan, as we like to call it, includes a complete lifestyle transformation manual called IdealShape For Life that incorporates our popular meal replacement shakes, meal replacement bars, hunger blocking supplements, and motivation weight loss training CDs.

  • Meal Replacement Shake: Patented hunger blocker, unbelievable taste, less than $1.50/serving, 120 calories, 22 vitamins & minerals, gluten free, 1g sugar
  • IdealBars: Hunger blocker, 5g fiber, 140 calories, 10g protein, 19 vitamins & minerals 7 g sugar
  • G2G Protein Bars: 18g protein, all natural, high fiber
  • NatralShape Weight Loss Supplement – Powerful natural hunger suppressant
  • ResveraShape Weight Loss Supplement– Fat burning energy booster
  • Motivational Weight Loss Tools – Re-train your brain to create positive life-long habits

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Rick Ross Weight Loss YASSSSSSSSS Baby Yes!

Fruit-Infused Water

This fruit-infused water is proof that staying hydrated doesn’t have to be such a (tastebud) snore.

Snag this recipe on our ‪#‎Pinterest‬

A WorkOut Dose The Body Good

Has anyone else notice that Rick Ross has slimmed down a few pounds.

He has shed 100lbs in year with fitness trainer .

Ross got himself a new trainer via Reebok’s CrossFit program to slim down for health reasons following his multiple seizures….

Looking good Ross!

BodyBeanz Natural SuperFood Vitamins

BodyBeanz Natural SuperFood Vitamins

Why Choose BodyBeanz?

Did you know most vitamins and supplements are nothing more than man made chemical compounds with ingredients that include coal tar derivatives and petroleum extracts? It’s true!

Furthermore the laboratory made vitamins most people take ARE NOT the same as vitamins found in real food. They lack the critical co-factors only Mother Nature’s vitamins provide and your body needs to effectively absorb and utilize the nutrients.


Critical antioxidants, omegas, probiotics, and fat sugar digestion assistance are all included daily in one simple solution. 

BodyBeanz are Natural Superfood Vitamins
*Zero Synthetic Chemical Compounds
*Wildcrafted & Organic Ingredients
*Antioxidants, Omegas, Probotics + Fat/Sugar Digestion Help
*One easy to consume premeasured packet per day

The Results?
– Turn more food into energy, less fat
– Help strengthen your immune system
– Crucial digestion and nutrient absorption help
– Support a healthy heart

We offer Body Beanz as a subscription that can be canceled easily hassle free anytime – no games. OR people can order just a single month.

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Waist Training


Hey guys I’m trying a new corset this month from


I posted a video below….. just a quick view of me putting it on and seeing the instant results it has for me.

I wanted to talk thur the video , but I am a little new to video post so bare with me I will put a better one up next week.

I’m going to be doing a week by week post of the progress with this corset.

I am now 38 in the waist .. for my height my waist should be a 24 .. so that’s the size that I have .. I wore it for about three hours today … I will do so every day for 30 days….I well keep you updated on all the positives and negatives of the training!

If you want to get you a Corset and start waist training Click Here

Check out my video below:

Come Advetise With Me

See The Submission Page


Pastor Craig Davis sentenced for spreading HIV to women

Pastor Craig Davis was sentenced on Feb. 21., 2014 and  will have to spend the next ten years of his life behind bars for spreading HIV to women.

Pastor Davis was accused by several different women of exposing them to HIV.

Pastor Davis  denied the allegations and claimed that his crack use was the reason why his HIV test returned with a positive result.

Pastor Davis  was eventually convicted of having reckless unprotected sex without informing his partners of his status.

Pastor Davis ,  Shortly before being sentenced…admitted to having unprotected sex with the women and asked the court for mercy.

Pastor Davis also will be on probation for ten years after he is release from doing ten years in prison.



Drinking Healthy !

Infused waters. Here are their benefits to help with detoxification energy and hydration. Put as much fruit in water as you like and let the water sit for at least 30 minutes before drinking.

  1. Green tea, mint, lime-fat burning, digestion, headaches, congestion and breathe freshener.

  2. Strawberry, kiwi-cardiovascular health, immune system protection, blood sugar regulation, digestion.

  3. Cucumber, lime, lemon water weight management, bloating, appetite control, hydration, digestion

  4. Lemon, lime, orange digestion vitamin C, immune defense, heartburn, (Drink this one at room temperature)


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