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ALERT: 8-year-old Relisha Tenau Rudd is missing from Southeast D.C., and these two vehicles could be linked to her disappearance.

Please share and contact police if you have any information on Relisha’s whereabouts.

Full details from All News 99.1 WNEW

Missing :Tyra Richardson – Tallahassee, FL

The Tallahassee Police Department Special Victims Unit is seeking the whereabouts of 16-year-old Tyra Richardson.

Tyra is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs about 130 pounds. She was last seen wearing a gray hoodie and clue capri jeans. She has a piercing in her nose and lip, and her hair is currently black and red.

[Click here for full story]

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Still Missing…..ALexis Murphy

We are still looking for Alexis Murphy…





A frantic search now underway for a little girl who vanishes from her own home believed to be in extreme danger. Her parents go to wake her up for school, but find out she’s gone! Police now saying the little girl may be in the company of a 40-year-old man. The man is reportedly no longer answering his phone, refusing to respond to texts. Was the little girl lured away by this older man? Tonight, help me find little Samantha Dodson! #FindSamantha




Come Home Alexis Murphy .

If you feel or see anything out of the ordinary, like something just not right involving Alexis Murphy please we ask of you to call into the Alexis Murphy Tipline @ (434) 263-7050, you never know it might just make a break in the case ! Have a voice and speak !1000311_10151679315073113_1691394198_n


We Haven’t Forgot About You Babygirl. #FindAlexisMurphy

Find Alexis Murphy


Hello….I am still Missing!

Find Alexis Murphy



According To ABC 13 News:
Investigators are saying that the person that Randy Taylor’s Attorney identified as a black male, mid to late 20’s, with cornrows is now considered a person of interest. Investigators have made contact with this person. They also say Randy Taylor is still their Prime Suspect. More to come tonight at 6!


Help Find Alexis Murphy

Alexis Murphy Been Missing Since 8/3/13 Don’t Let Her Case Rest .. #FINDALEXISMURPHY



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