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ViA:Nancy Grace

She looks like a suburban soccer mom but police say a Florida mother brings her young daughter to the Super Bowl to prostitute her for “fetish stuff.” I’d say she needs a Hail Mary right about now! What kind of mother allegedly pimps out her OWN daughter?

ViA: Nancy Grace

Another showbiz icon, Woody Allen, busted? The megastar accused by daughter Dylan Farrow of sexually molesting her at the tender age of 7. Speaking out for the first time publicly in an open letter, Woody Allen’s daughter details the alleged sex abuse, describing how her father took her into a dark attic in her mother’s home and abused her. Woody Allen’s reps say the letter is completely untrue. But why does Hollywood idolize him? And why was the famous movie director never prosecuted?

ViA:Nancy Grace

Robert and Nancy Kissel, along with their three children, seemed like the picture perfect family. Robert was a prominent banker and Nancy Kissel his loving wife—at least until she enters into an affair. As Robert becomes suspicious of his wife’s infidelity things appear to go terribly wrong. The esteemed executive is given a strawberry milkshake made by his wife and is found bludgeoned to death inside a rolled-up carpet near the family home. What drove this mom-of-3 to murder? ‪#‎NGM‬ ‪#‎KisselBrothers‬

ViA: Nancy Grace

Disturbing details: Cops say a woman helps her hubby murder his former lover, chop up her body into 7 pieces with a power saw, then place her remains in coolers before dumping her body a creek. Why was the loving mom-of-two brutally murdered? And will killer hubby turn on his wife in court & claim she’s the real killer?#DismemberedMom

ViA:Nancy Grace

A 14-year-old boy allegedly shoots his teen sister to death…over dirty laundry?! The little boy allegedly gets so angry after his sister spills bleach on his clothes, that he then guns her down and kills her. Cops are now saying the boy is on the loose and is armed and dangerous. How could this tragedy have happened and will police ever find the boy?‪#‎MurderOverLaundry‬


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