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The situation with Sony has gotten Real!!

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Current Events… #USA Meets CUBA #PEACE


Justice For Eric Garner

North Carolina there will be a protest for ‪#‎TravisFaison‬ in Sanford, North Carolina at the Sanford Police Department this Saturday, December 20 @5:00 PM & they’re asking everyone to wear something black.‪#‎JusticeForEricGarner‬ ‪#‎JusticeForMikeBrown‬ ‪#‎JusticeForTravisFaison‬‪#‎HandsUpDontShoot‬ ‪#‎ICantBreathe‬ ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬

Sanford, NC and surrounding areas in North Carolina! Join us Saturday, December 20, 2014 @5PM at the Sanford Police Department 225 East Weatherspoon Street to protest #JusticeForTravisFaison. We’re asking that everyone who attend to please wear anything “BLACK”. Please spread the word.

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Brian Mckee Wants To Save His Marriage To Drea

I have express my opinion about these to many times on twitter.

Andrea is a wonderful heart-felt person from what I see on the show Hollywood Exs, I believe that the reason she married Brain is because she had a weak moment because she is lonely.

Brain took advantage of her in this weak moment.

I am not going to talk about him to bad like I did before click here if you missed it.

I see why Drea love the man .. I mean look at him.. he is fine .. but I bet all the tea in China he knows this, and uses it get him Thur life.

If you don’t know Brain cheated on Drea with more than on women and was hitting these women up for money. Hoeing himself out for that lean mean green!

Drea filed for divorce last week, but Brain is not ready to let the coat tell that he is riding be snatch from up under him just yet.

Brain set down with Sister 2 Sister Magazine and express his love for his wife:

“We’re working things out, at least my desire is to work things out and pull things together and just try to rebuild if at all possible. I love my wife and this has been a trying time.

“I apologize for any wrongdoing that was done in this matter. I’m deeply sorry for any embarrassment that I’ve caused her, any hurt that I’ve caused her and any individuals included in this matter. I just really want to own up to it and move forward at this point…Just hurting my wife, period, is what I’m owning up to.”

The TV show is what made these people come forward, what made these people say anything. If you knew about a matter eight months ago or a year ago or two years ago, why did you wait until the day of the show to bring this out? Had the TV show not come on, no one would have said anything.”

You would think Drea knew better and learned from before,  I guess when your heart is running the show you just jump out the window…

I think at this point Brain is just using his gift of gab and good looks to sway Drea.

I hope she does not fall for it.. Run Girl ! He is no good..

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Pledge to Ban Bossy

Pledge to Ban Bossy and encourage girls to lead. Visit to take the pledge and get leadership tips for girls. ‪#‎banbossy‬

School Teacher Yanks Student’s 3 Teeth Out For Misbehaving!

Harmani Osbi still holds her three front baby teeth in her hand after they came out on Tuesday. There’s only one problem. They weren’t supposed to come out anytime soon.

According to the girl’s mother, they were yanked out by a worker at her school.

“She should be getting the support that she needs,” said Harmani’s mother, Tomeka Speller. “Not getting attacked in the classroom.”

Harmani, 7, attends a class for children with behavioral issues at the Solis Cohen Elementary School in Northeast Philadelphia. Speller said her daughter was chewing on her sweater and refused to stop when a specially trained school therapeutic worker told her to. Speller says the worker than forcefully pulled out the sweater, yanking out the girl’s three front teeth.

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Amanda Knox convicted of murder again!

An Italian court found Amanda Knox guilty Thursday for a second time in slaying of her British roommate.

Knox had been convicted, later acquitted in Meredith Kircher’s death

Convicted, acquitted and convicted again. , Knox said, “I am frightened and saddened by this unjust verdict.”

Knox told Italian newspaper she will become a ‘fugitive’ if found guilty.

After nearly 12 hours of deliberations, a panel of six jurors and two judges reached a guilty verdict, sentencing Knox to 28 years and six months in prison. Her former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito was also found guilty and sentenced to 25 years in prison. Sollecito’s passport has been confiscated.

ViA: WPGC 95.5

An off-duty Maryland officer returned home last night to find his son stabbing his mother. The officer took action and shot the son during the dispute. Unfortunately, both son and mother passed.

Full story:

ViA: Nancy Grace


Colorado now allows pot users to withdraw welfare money at pot shop ATMs! So let me get this straight: Taxpayers’ money — meant for food & clothing for children who are in need – is being used to get people high on weed?! What do you think about these stunning new developments? Has Colorado taken their pot biz to a whole new extreme? ‪#‎Marijuana‬

GOP Congressman Caught On Tape Threatening Reporter

Phaedra Parks A Criminal?

Is It Over For T.I. And Tiny?

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A 34-yr-old mom & TV reality star busted on claims she repeatedly had sex with a 13-yr-old boy! Police say the TLC star of “Cheer Perfection” had an ongoing sex relationship with the little boy, including full on sex & oral sex on multiple occasions. How was this alleged sex assault uncovered? Will mom face serious jail time if convicted? ‪#‎CheerMom‬



Love and Hip Hop Los Angeles has not even aired yet… has not tape one episode but the drama is all ready hot and ready

Via Necole Bitchie reports:

Now, there are a few interesting things about The Game possibly joining Love & Hip Hop LA. The obvious is that his current show Marrying The Game has done such a good job of recently rebranding him into a family man, amazing dad and rapper who gives back to his community by not focusing on unnecessary drama. Joining Love & Hip Hop could possibly be a step backwards for him, even if he requests producer credits and rights.

Second, The Game is no longer with his fiance Tiffany Cambridge, which could be the reason his show could be coming to an end.


Last week, he had his fans stunned after he flooded Basketball Wives star Tami Roman’s Instagram comments section with threats and accused her of breaking up his family:






game tweets





I knew I felt some type of way when I seen that picture of Tammy and Tiffany together on instgram……. something won’t right.

But since Tiffany not in the picture anymore as far as her and The game being together … I suggest him and LOLO be together if they aren’t already

lolo & gameWhat Do You Think?



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