More Love & Hip Hop LA Drama

I don’t know which show is going to be better Love & Hip Hop Atlanta with MiMi faust and her sex tap… Or Love & Hip Hop L.A. with Ray_J , Princess Love, and Teairra Mari drama.

The show has not hit the air waves yet but thats not stoping Princess Love Ray-J’s current girlfriend firing shots at Ray-J’s ex Girlfriend that he is still sleeping with Teairra Mari

Princess Love decides to get personal and put Teairra Mari on blast about her Hygiene.

Princess Love thought is was a good idea to put a picture of Monistat 7, vagisil and pills for a bacteria infection on instagram with a boarding pass with Teairra’s name on it …. I’m guessing that she was saying that Teairra’s booty ain’t right.

mzprincesslove @misstmari BIO Hazardous bitch. What type of woman carries this shit in her bag??

I don’t think Princess Love realize that she trying to make a fool out herself trying to make a fool out of someone else.

If @misstmari booty not right , then @mxprincesslove booty ain’t right either since they riding the same piece!






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MiMi Speak Out On Sex Tape…….. Gassed Up!

Earvin Magic Johnson & Cookie Share Their Easter


Love in the Clubnikkothe1

Like Mother Like Daughter, Chantel Christie Dose It For TV



The apple dose not fall from the tree.. Chantell Christte said she made up the story to get on tv… and then says she made up the story because people were coming for her….Nobody came for Chantel until she put her business out there for the world to see.

You can’t believe nothing she say just like her mama Mr Jackie Christie.

Mr Jackie and Jackie Jr made fools out themself on tv and now to make a bigger fool out herself Chantel saying she made it up and the reason is because it was all for entertainment.

She told the Hip Hop Socialite:

“I addressed it as being something minor. Granted, everybody goes, ‘If it was minor, why did you bring it up?’ At the end of the day, why do you guys watch reality TV for? This is entertainment; everybody just calm down and relax. At the end of the day, this is what it was, and it should have never got to this point. It blew up into something way bigger than what it should’ve been, but when you come for me, and I’m called names, and I’m this, and I’m a ho, I gotta send for you. So yes, it’s going to turn into something ugly, but this could’ve easily been prevented.”

My thoughts come back to Maylaysia saying there is something more to the story.. And she is right… Chantel brought this to Jackie behind closed doors.. how she and Orlando was kicking it and then he just moved along and it was Draya he had moved along too…. So Jackie was like this is good save it for the cameras…. and Mini Thot did just that.. but when it began to make her look stupid, dumb and bitter on tv ….twitter and the blogs started dragging that ass.. it was all made up!

Chantel even went to calling orlando gay on twitter (Here if you missed it) was that made up Chantel? Defending herself to the fullest on twitter also…

People that do this kind of stuff and then say it was all for tv are not to be trusted.. Jackie look how you raised your child!


The Cast Of Love & Hip Hop?



VH-1 and Mona Scott-Young have started filming their new spin-off “Love & Hip-Hop LA” on March 31st.
The cast of the show are rumored to be Ray-J, Omarion, Yung Berg, Teairra Marí (Ray-J’s ex girlfriend), Princess Love (Ray-J’s current girlfriend), Yesi Ortiz (Power 106 DJ), Morgan Hardman (Ray-J’s assistant), Miss Joie (Bow Wow’s baby mother), and Apryl Jones (Omarion’s baby mother).

 My source says that Mona Scott & VH1 was trying to keep this on the hush because she was trying to get some well-known ladies to be on this cast of Love & HipHop … Rumor has it that Karrueche( Chris Browns ex) was one of them but said no out because the buzz hit the blogs.

There is promise of the show being full of drama.. but coming from Mona Scott and Ray-J co-producing ..I don’t expect nothing else but good reality tv.

Ray-J and his now girlfriend Princess Love who use to be a stripper and use to be Floyd Mayweathers girlfriend.. Yes she is the one that cheated on Floyd with Ray-J…. I’m not surprized.  I heard Ray-J is hung like a horse and that Floyd treats his women very rudely and disrespectful… and then buys gifts to make up for it! Anywaysssssss.


Teairri Mari is back and she is Ray-J’s ex and she got beef with Princess Love.

Ray-J’s assistant Morgan Hardman is on the show also… the word is he is a gossiping drama starter and Teairra has beef with him too!


Young Berg, who was on “sexy Can I” with Ray-J will be seen in the studio, and has a little drama of his own with a few ladies.

It also amazes me how I search for these chicks pictures online line and see more ass shots then anything else… but any who… Miss Joie ( yeah Bow Wow’s baby mama)  I guess she got tired of taking Bow Wow to court trying to get all his coins , she deicided to make a check of her own…Her and her new Boyfriend Hitboy… What dose Bow Wow say about his baby mama on reality tv? I’m sure we will her about it soon…

And last but not least Omarion and his baby mama Apryl ….. she wants to sing… he trying to make a come back.

What happen to The Game…..? Him and Tiffany messed that up by fighting all over the internet….. … But we will get what we need from the cast …I am sure of it… will you watch? I am!



Sundy Carter Is Disrespectful & A Liar!

If you have seen the preview of next weeks episode of BasketBall Wives Of LA you would have seen the seen when British tell Brandi about Sundy speaking about the fact that she trying to have a baby and that she had cancer.

That alone Sundy needs her ass beat again… and that’s why you see Brandi take off down the stairs and Malaysia  running and yelling behind her for her to come back.

Miss I can’t afford a vowel also lied on twitter and said that Draya and Malaysia jumped her when we all know that is not true.. I can’t stand folks like Sundy Carter… Do anything and everything for a check no matter what….. I do mean no Matter what!

And This damn Sundy had some ass kissing slide line chick cheering for her off her lies see the tweets below:

Sundy wack as hell … that’s why her JAckie are good friend.. Birds of a feather flock together ..if I was British I would jump to the other side quick!

Story via:

Tiny To Produce A Reality Show

Looks like Tiny is about to put her Executive Producer hat on and bring us a reality show called “The Real Hair Stylists Of Atlanta”.

This should be an interesting show being her best friend shekinah  is a hair stylists and she dose Tiny’s hair and the can’t get along ….WHEW!..Stay tune for more info…

Kim & Ray J Taught Me

So i guess being on reality tv was not enough coins for Mimi Faust and Nikko.

The two Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reality show stars are doing a kim &b Ray J….Well Stevie J Make a I hit it first song?

I would write more but the layout on is bullshit… they saying shit like …Mimi Faust and Nikko, two of the hottest personalities on VH1’s reality series Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Lies!

She’s a beautiful and clever businesswoman; he’s an artist/music mogul entrepreneur who has worked with some of the top names in music. What… Who?

The movie will be available online at as of April 21 and it will be in stores nationwide on April 29.

Hot 97 Summer Jam


Come Advetise With Me

See The Submission Page




Is That Your Man @tamalajones

Ok so i told  it’s been all over the media that Porsha  Williams had her a man,  son of  African Dictator’s son, Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue,

There were pictures of all the gifts that Teodoro gave her but no pics of him and Porsha together….

But now some one is stepping up and claiming a cheating man and claiming Porsha is lying about dating Teodoro and not to step on her toes.

Yes this person is Tamala Jones… And yes you have seen her in some low-budget films and that’s why she can’t afford to lose her meal ticket!

What have you done for us lately?

She was so thirsty over keeping her man she had to blast Porsha  via Twitter… telling all her business.. No one knew you was seeing this man .. now you letting everybody know he’s cheating on you … Sad!

Check out the tweet below:

Only thing….. Tamala has one up Porsha she has pictures as proof..See pics below:

These pictures don’t mean he’s not cheating….

Tamala did you check your man first or NAH? ..


LeBron James isn’t happy with Samsung


LeBron threw some shade at samsung today on Twitter and then took it down… Not before i could get it tho… LeBron you gotta be quicker than that. LeBron is a spokesperson for the company he can’t just takes shots all willie nillie…

See Tweet Below:

@KeyshiaCole New Shoe Line Sneak Peek With @SteveMadden Spring Collection.


R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3 Preview



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Benzino and MiMi Expose Each Others Secrets

Hello Kettle Meet Pot

Sundy Carter stay trying to call Draya out on her past… Know damn well she got a pasted herself.

I still say Sundy is trying to hard to hold on to this spot she has on the show, by going after Draya.. now it’s biting her in the ass.

See Sundy Criminal Sheet below:

Draya may have a past but it ain’t criminal.. this is the prime example of  don’t try to make a fool out of someone else and end up making a fool out of yourself!

Kordell Stewart Speaks About His Marriage

Kordell sets down with Peter and his story is waaaaaay different then Porsha’s

Watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 | Kordell Stewart Returns to #RHOA!.

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