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Benzino and MiMi Expose Each Others Secrets

“Said No Man Ever”

Said No Man Ever…See more here>>>

Hello Kettle Meet Pot

Sundy Carter stay trying to call Draya out on her past… Know damn well she got a pasted herself.

I still say Sundy is trying to hard to hold on to this spot she has on the show, by going after Draya.. now it’s biting her in the ass.

See Sundy Criminal Sheet below:

Draya may have a past but it ain’t criminal.. this is the prime example of  don’t try to make a fool out of someone else and end up making a fool out of yourself!

What You Didn’t Know About Vaginas


We bet you didn’t know these insane facts about vaginas…

Click the link below to find out what you don’t know!

Draya & Sundy Yell at Each Other … Malaysia Ready If Needed!

Draya and ( I need the check)  Sundy (who is so broke she couldn’t by a vowel!) yell at each other at the Pre-Oscar Party.

All that screaming and yelling and head jerking and nobody did a thing.

Why in the world can’t theses chicks find somebody else to fight with other than each other?

Sundy trying to make sure her checks keep rolling in , why on earth  is she is calling draya a hoe , beats the hell out of me when Sundy has the same back ground…. HEllO KETTLE MEET POT!

Draya has three things that Sundy does not… A man…… Money ..& Draya’s mother didn’t name her after a week day and didn’t spell it right!

Watch The Video Below :

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Mama Dee Drops A Dime On Lil Scrappy

bambi2shayI reported a few weeks ago that @AdizBAMBI & @ShayJohnson  had beef (if you missed it Clicked here

Seems like Shay has back peddled after she said she was done with Scrappy.

Shay Seems thirsty to me always hanging with Mama Dee & Shit!

And Mama Dee has no filter because she done mind , BAE!BAE!

Now Bambi has got the tea on Shay and Scrappy creeping, But Scrappy say that ain’t the case and he is not cheating on Bambi.

Mama Dee say’s other wise..

Listen… I can’t wait!







Guess Who’s Back?

That’s Our girl Lauryn Hill!

If you’re a fan then you would know that  Lauryn Hill was supposed to perform at The Tabernacle  in downtown Atlanta for  Valentine’s day.

The Tabernacle recently had issues with the floor cracking over the weekend, and to top it off, the ice storm currently on going as i type!

Lauryn’s performance has been rescheduled for Monday, February 17th.

So if you’re in Atlanta on the 17th go check her out , I’m sure the show well be super fantastic!

If you want to keep up with , Lauryn  you can find her appearances and tour dates for 2014 at


@NeNeLeakes Opened Up Her Own Production Company

NeNe Leakes has had her hand in many pots, And now she is trying her hand in  Production. NeNe shared with twitter tonight that her company NeNe Leaks Entertainment is up and running and ready to go and also shopping for some talent.

Good Luck NeNe!

(If you looking for a talk show host (HINT , HINT)

Saigon & Erica Jean Will Be On Iyanla Vanzant ” Fix My Life “


 According to S2S after his abusive and explosive outburst on the LHHNY reunion show towards his baby mother Erica Jean, twitter was outraged and suggested that he needed help. Whatever his issues may be, Saigon announced that he’ll be dealing with them with soon, with Life Coach Iyanla Vanzant.

T. I. Tells Tiny It’s More To You Then Ass!

According to BallerStatus, the surprise exchange between the couple happened last night after Tiny posted a new photo showing off her butt. T.I. commented on the photo and politely asked his wife to cover up in her photographs.

“u have so much more going for u other than your a–. Although it is magnificent, I think u should spend just as much time showcasing those other things as u do ya #booty … Awesome pic tho. Luv,”

“I wasn’t showing off my a– in this pic it was about my waist … u just looking at the a– bae! U no I wasn’t saying getting my s–t together about my a– now don’t u? But glad u like it bae,”

More Pic Below;






Woman Kills Boyfriend Because of His #WCW

6-year-old Deron Jacobs was stabbed in his sleep by his 24-year-old girlfriend Rachael Edwardson on Thursday morning in the apartment the two of them shared, after he tweeted out his #WCW. Friends of the couple are mortified, claiming there was no violence and no apparent issues between the two outside of typical disagreements.

Police arrived at the scene to find Jacobs dead on arrival, with his iPhone still in his hands. Edwardson was found in the couple’s bathroom, lying face down in the bathtub with her hands behind her back, waiting to be arrested.

According to a close friend of Jacobs, the woman he dubbed his woman crush was a young woman who he followed on Twitter, and exchanged private messages and sexually explicit photos from. However, the two had never met in person.

Who’s Bigger? The Real Photos! @karlieeRedd Grab A Seat!

Karliee Redd is so damn bitter that this chick is out here photo shopping picks trying to make @Benzino look bad compared to her so-called man Young Joc. Karilee get your old ass some where and set the hell  down and find you something else to do chile! BAE -BAE ain’t  shit going to change the fact that you are old and washed up , Mona please don’t pay this hoe to look like a fool and Joc you should be questioning your relationship with Karilee …..  See the real  pictures below:
My Hair Is Layed • Benzino vs JocThe Race Is  Not Given To The Swift....

What Is Going On Here?!

Ok so if you know or may not know Keyshia Cole and her husband Daniel Gibson aka bobbie been beefing for months. Rumor has it, that bobbie been cheating on keyshia with

A well know Stripper in Houston named HtownCiara. Keyshia tweeted HtownCiara and told her she could have boobie.

 Now somebody name Jhonnieblaze came for keyshia defending  HtownCiara.

Check the tweets below!

It’s getting messy y’all, but that’s what happens when you put your home business on social media for us all to see. Keyshia need to spend more time with trying to fix her marriage  instead of putting on a show for the world. So what bobbie cheated .. you stayed!

Phaedra Parks A Criminal?

Marlo Hampton Says She Is No Longer Best Friends With NeNe Leaks

In a new interview with “The DeShai Cole Show,” Marlo revealed that she and Leakes are still far from best friends.

“We’re not the best of friends now,” Marlo revealed. “Nothing really happened. You know how friends have their highs and lows. Right now we’re just at one of our lows. I’m sure we’ll get back to our high.”

“I look up to NeNe like a big sis. NeNe would be the one I would listen to,” Hampton said. “She has that motherly feel without being my mom.”

“To tell you the truth it ain’t nothing,” Hampton said. “True friends should fall out and have a disagreement, but I feel true friends should also be able to come back together.”



Apollo Nida arrest update


More details have emerged on the arrest of Apollo Nida. As previously reported, the husband of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Phaedra Parks turned himself in to authorities Thursday on charges of bank fraud and identity theft. He has since been released on a pretrial bond.

via official court documents obtained by the Atlanta Journal- Constitution. In the documents, Nida’s apparent accomplice is identified as a Fairburn, Ga., woman named Gayla St. Julien. St. Julien was arrested in September 2013 after being investigated by the U.S. Secret Service’s counterfeit and U.S. Treasury Check Squad.

In a written affidavit and agent claimed that Nida created fake companies, including a fake auto dealership named Ferrari Autohaus, to gain access to databases to find individuals to rip off.

Gayla said that Apollo was the master mind behind the scam.

St. Julien says she deposited fraudulent checks, stole U.S. Treasury checks and stole retirement checks issued to Delta Airlines employees. There is also evidence that the twosome created two fake debt collection agencies and pocketed close to nearly $3 million in stolen funds.

Gayla started working with the police after she was arrested and

tape conversations with Apollo in which he explained many of his schemes. Police later obtained physical evidence of his alleged crimes, including a bank debit card and laptop computer.

A preliminary hearing is set for Feb. 12, 2014.

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