Gucci Mane Has Some Help With His Court Case…

Jerry Lewis Dedrick, 51, an inmate at a federal prison in Williamsburg, S.C. filled out a motion, He claims that possessing a gun isn’t a federal crime and he wants the court to forward his legal work to the hip-hop star’s legal team.

Jerry can’t file the paper for Gucci Mane. But he insists that he can get gun charges against Gucci dropped.

Gucci is facing 20 years for the gun charge because he was a felon at the time of his arrest. Gucci has been charged with two counts of possessing a firearm following two incidents in September where he was involved with altercations with police and reportedly brandished a firearm. On Sept. 14, a man who said he was a friend of Gucci’s called police to say he was behaving erratically and making threats, according to a police report. Upon their arrival, police noted that Davis smelled of marijuana, and he became confrontational. He was arrested on a disorderly conduct charge and police found marijuana and a loaded .40-caliber Glock handgun in his possession. Gucci was sedated and taken to Grady Memorial Hospital for treatment.




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