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Let Me Find Out: Towanda Braxton and Kordell Stewart?


This is the first time i’m hearing that Towanda is dating Kordell Stewart.

Well rumor has it that Kordell Stewart was spotted flirting and exchanging phone numbers with Towanda Braxton at the Atlanta premier of Grudge Match.

Towanda has acknowleded the rumor on twitter  re-Tweeting a Twitter follower who Tweeted Porsha Stewart about the rumors with a quote from Steve Harvey.

Towanda is thirsty anyway.. you have to be  thirsty  has hell to date a man with rumors of him being gay floating around! (even before Porsha)

He can do what he want to do as long as he keep it hush-hush and make sure he gives her that Black Card!

The Thirst Is Real!


LaTavia Roberson Talks R&B Divas Atlanta

LaTavia Roberson sat down with Sister 2 Sister to discuss what to expect when fans watch the show  R&B Divas Atlanta  who is a new cast member.

Excerpts of the interview below:

Tracy: Congratulations on joining “R&B Divas: Atlanta.” When we previously spoke, you talked about starring in your own reality show. How did that evolve?
LaTavia: The opportunity came to me so organically. There were so many green lights. I just felt like it was a God thing. It just felt right for me. Plus, I get to jump on the show with my girl, Meelah Williams. When the opportunity presented itself, I was like, “Hey. Why not?”

LaTavia: There have been disagreements. We all speak about them, and we handle them like ladies. Everybody’s a grown @ss woman. If you disagree with something, there’s nothing wrong with talking about it.

Tracy: How much of your personal life are you sharing on the show?
LaTavia: It’s reality for me and I’m being as open with my real life as…I’m sharing a lot of myperson life on the show. Well, I’m not going to say a lot; everything that I do has been totally me.

I hope she don’t show her ass like Kelly Price And Niki Gilbert Did.

Maybe this show well help her be noticed more ….Let’s be honest ain’t nobody been checking for LaTavia since Destinys Child..And that was light checking!

Congratulations & Good Luck LaTavia





Garb Shoetique’s first Anniversary

Toya Wright and Danielle Johnson celebrated Garb Shoetique’s first anniversary.

Celebrity friends which included Daughter Reginae CarterKandi BurrussRasheedaPrecious,Kamaya, and a host of others enjoyed the New Orleans food that was served.

Check out the fun in the photos below:


grab1 grab6 grab4 grab11 grab10 grab3 grab7

@funkydineva Talks Shit About @PeterThomasRHOA

Facebook scrolling again and @iamatlien (

Posted a picture of @funkydineva seemly pasted out at Barone a restaurant that Peter Thomas owns in Atlanta ,GA.

There is also a Instagram video of @funkydineva about to get put out of target and again @iamatlien is behide the camera.

He talks shit about peter and says Barone is in foreclosure.

Click here to see the video>>

I don’t think @funkydineva should hanging out with @iamatlien when he is in this condition… She do the most!

Dirty Money group member Kaleena Harper will be joining L&HHATL

Via FreddyO reports:

The ladies of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta were spotted at BE Magazine’s Charity Fashion Show. Erica Dixon, Karlie Redd, and the newest cast member Kalenna Harper were all there to see the latest fashions walk down the runway. The “No Wire Hangers 4″ Benefit fashion show was held in Atlanta at the M Rich Cent. A portion of the proceeds from the event will go to AIDS Atlanta’s Evolution Project. Designer Presentations by Calapo by Carey & Vintage Hazel were featured on this years runway.
I don’t see Kalenna fitting in with these ladies, but we will see!


TLC Wasn’t The Only Group Getting A Crappy Record Deal – Kandi Burruss Weighs In

R&B Divas ATL, & La Renewed! But A Few Ladies Are Missing..

r&b divas atlata and r&b divas la

D’Angela Proctor, SVP of Programming and Production for TV One, said in the press announcement:

“The most recent seasons of the Atlanta and Los Angeles series, as well as their post-season reunion specials, enjoyed stellar ratings success in 2013—marking some of our highest-rated telecasts in network history. The divas are not only wildly talented and celebrated music artists, but relatable women with joys and struggles that resonated strongly with our viewers. We look forward to chronicling more of their stories, and drama, in these upcoming seasons.”

Production on season three of the Atlanta branch of “R&B Divas” will begin this month.

Nicci Gilbert and Latocha Scott we’re let go!

Syleena Johnson, Angie Stone, Monifah Carter, Keke Wyatt, are the returning cast members.



Wendy Talks / About Her Interview With Porsha Stewart


Wendy dishes about her interview with Porsha Stewart and reveals whatKordell Stewart had to say when he called her after today’s show!


Rumor Has It! (Rumor Control)


Rumor had it last week that R&B  Singer Kandi Burruss and her Fiance’ Todd Tucker had got married in mexico.

The Real House WIves Of Atlanta was fliming over there for the show.

The whole cast was there.

ScreenShot2013-10-25at84359AM_zps78eedd80ScreenShot2013-10-25at83900AM_zps2b94643ckandi burruss

Time will tell what really went down on the  November 3 premiere……..


“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” season 6





Kandi Burruss

Photo: Kandi Burruss Gives Us Details Of New RHOA Season See here>>>>

Newly engaged Kandi is a Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter who resides in Atlanta with her 11-year-old daughter, Riley, and fiance Todd Tucker. She is a former member of the platinum-selling music group Xscape and the recipient of a Grammy for her work on TLC’s mega-hit “No Scrubs.” Kandi juggles her busy life as a single mom and hard-working career woman, while also finding time to let loose on the Atlanta social scene and mingle with members of the music industry elite.

Kandi’s award-winning intimate luxury line, Bedroom Kandi, has expanded into an in-home network while her T.A.G.S boutique continues to expand across the country and is now featuring its own exclusive clothing line. Forever expanding her empire, this season Kandi is focused on producing a musical, loosely based on her life with Todd titled, “A Mother’s Love.” Despite her hectic schedule, Kandi also manages to find time in giving back and in 2013 she founded her own foundation, Kandi Cares.

Source :




On new son baby Karter:

“He’s great, he’s absolutely great! He’s just a handsome little angel. Of course you know the first month – we haven’t reached our first month yet – but yeah, it’s rough. It’s every 3 hours. Doesn’t matter the time. Twelve midnight, three in the morning, six, nine, twelve, it’s no joke.”

On Kirk as a father to baby Karter:

“He’s actually just amazing to be honest with you. He’s just been a great father, he’s been, you know, allowing me to get my rest as much as possible, and regardless to the fact that you can’t get past the crying that you hear from the baby, but he’s been really, really great.

On whether or not they would have the same problems without reality tv:

“I think so, because we’ve been through so many different things in our relationship. Then you’ve got everybody weighing in and trying to see what’s going on…I’m not saying the same issues, but just different issues within your marriage, you know what I’m saying. And I look at it like it’s relationship problems, it’s marital problems. Some people can’t relate because they haven’t been in a relationship or marriage.

At the end of the day, yeah, it does seem like it could be a reality curse. I’m not 100% saying that happened in my relationship, but I think with it playing out on TV and stuff like that, and you having so many people weighing in on it, sometimes people get persuaded by outsiders. But you’ve just got to follow your heart and do what’s best for you as an individual and as the person living in the relationship.”

On rumors that they faked relationship problems for TV:

“I got pregnant, and Kirk wasn’t happy about it. The sh*t was the real deal. He felt like he felt, and went and did what he did, and that’s him. It wasn’t no fictitious sh*t. I mean, people go through stuff, and the killer part that really be bugging me out is, the reason why people could relate so much is a lot of us been through that type of situation.

We have other sh*t that goes on in our relationship that people may not have seen just for the simple fact that it’s too many damn people on the show, and you don’t have all that camera time to speak to everybody. At the end of the day, we’re real people with real issues, with real problems, and the difference is it played out on TV with cameras in front of us, straight up and down.”

On she and Kirk’s current relationship status:

“I mean you just take it one day at a time, and the main thing is just being parents number one, and then just continuing to grow our friendship, and to try to get back in a place.”

But you just don’t rush things, you just take one day at a time and just keep it moving.

I guess that means there together and working on their marriage.

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Season 6 Trailer

The New Atlanta

Cover Photo
Atlanta has a new reality tv show on Bravo TV call The New Atlanta.
The Cast members are Alexandra Dilworth, a recent college grad, Alexandra is seen and heard in Atlanta’s hot Electronic Dance music scene. This self-proclaimed “daddy’s girl” hopes her future husband

  • Alexandra Dilworth

will be able to accommodate her current lifestyle and provide the luxuries she has grown accustomed to. In addition to attending Atlanta’s premiere charity functions, society galas, and cigar bars, Alexandra also dreams of one day owning her own clothing line.

A triple threat — actress, singer and model — Africa Miranda is turning heads in Atlanta. Co-creator of the live concept show ‘The Lipstick Junkies’ and the face of several international hair campaigns, her

  • Africa Miranda

sultry voice and lovely locks have put her front and center in Atlanta’s entertainment industry. She is also the creator of ‘The Hairnista Chronicles’, a tongue-in-cheek hair blog dedicated to having a fabulous head of hair. Africa has a passion for vintage shopping, Diana Ross, and thinks that champagne and cupcakes are a perfectly acceptable diet.

Emily Lipman has the looks of the girl next door but is a force to be reckoned with both in business and on her hunt for love. A successful boutique owner, she has quickly become a new face in Atlanta’s growing fashion industry. Born and raised in Atlanta, Emily is just as

  • Emily Lipman

comfortable at a Shabbat dinner as she is at a cowboy bar. Her passion for life also spills over into her dedication to giving back through her family’s Cystic Fibrosis Charity, Wish for Wendy.

And they didn’t leave the men out ….
Vawn Sims is known in Atlanta’s bustling music industry as the “Go-to-Guy” for artist development and discovering new raw talent, having previously worked with chart topper such as Jagged Edge and the Dream. Now writing a book promoting his theories on love and romance, this “bad boy” with “good boy” qualities talks about relationships like never before including his philosophy on

  • Vawn Sims

falling into “respect” rather than into “love.” This Georgia native and devoted single dad’s tell-it-like-it-is attitude might rub some people the wrong way, but whether you love him or hate him, Vawn is a major fixture in Atlanta’s buzzing entertainment and social scene.



Gucci Mane Arrested After Friend Alerts Cops

Gucci Mane was taken into custody where police say they found a small amount of marijuana and a handgun. He was booked on carrying a concealed weapon, disorderly conduct and marijuana possession and was later released to a hospital where he is reported to be at the moment.

“Gucci Mane…was taken into custody at 12:05 am this morning after one of his friends complained to cops about his erratic behavior.”  he was immediately taken into custody and police found a small amount of marijuana on the 33-year old rapper as well as a handgun.  He was booked for carrying a concealed weapon, disorderly conduct and marijuana possession then taken to a nearby hospital as a precaution.”

Gucci Mane was  on Twitter  this week posting disparaging comments about fellow rappers Nicki Minaj and others.  Publicity stunt or cry for HELP??



Nene Laughs At Never Never Land!

NENE LEAKES and her former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star Sheree Whitfield have been at each others throats for years, but it looks like NeNe is now getting the last laugh!

After learning that her one-time pal Sheree’s home was in foreclosure, NeNe blurted out: “I told you so!”

Nene, 45, and Sheree, 43, have known each other since before their days together on “RHOA” – and insiders say they were in competition long before they ever set foot in front of the cameras.

When the hit Bravo reality show first started filming, it appeared Sheree – as the wife of ex-NFL player Bob Whitfield – was the wealthier and more glamorous of the two women.

But over the past few years, NeNe’s career – and bank account – has skyrocketed. Not only has she landed spots on “The New Normal,” “Celebrity Apprentice” and “Glee,” she’s also now the highest paid “Housewife” of all time, pulling in $1 million plus bonuses for Season 6.

She’s even got her own spinoff series, “I Dream of NeNe,” which premieres on Bravo on Sept. 17.

Meanwhile, Sheree was dumped from “RHOA” after the show’s fourth season. Now, she appears to be drowning in debt and was sued for unpaid legal bills. The government reportedly has filed a tax lien against her for unpaid taxes, and she’s about to lose the home she had been building to foreclosure!

And NeNe saw the writing on the wall from the beginning.

“When NeNe first heard about Sheree’s plans to build a McMansion in Atlanta, she dubbed it ‘Neverland’ because she was sure Sheree was never going to finish it,” said the insider.

“She was correct – Sheree’s house is still not finished. And NeNe is laughing – all the way to the bank.”


Source The National Enquirer

The National Enquirer

Atlanta Strippers Get Spelman College Educations!

English: Photo taken and submitted by Phil Kon...

English: Photo taken and submitted by Phil Konstantin. I give my permission for anyone to use this photo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rumor has it that Judge Joe Brown who is a generous drink

( clink here if you missed it

Is also a generous man when it come to strippers.

It was told that the strippers in the drunk video are the stripper that are the students at Spelman College.

Reality TV At Its’ Finest In Atlanta

You seen the House Wives of Atlanta, We got on the Bus with Stevie J on Love and Hip Hop Of Atlanta. But now they are bringing us to the Swinger Life!
New reality show ‘Secret Sex Lives: Swingers‘ will follow four married couples, One couple Jaynee and Everett talk about the show saying:The biggest misconception about the swinger lifestyle is that we’re hooking up with people day and night, or that I’m a stripper or something. When I found out I was pregnant my first thought was “thank God I haven’t hooked up with any other guys lately, so it’s definitely Everett’s baby.”
Everett also said:I’m not like Tiger Woods, picking up chicks behind Jaymee’s back and hooking up with them.’

The Show well air on the Discovery Fit & Health Channel Beginning Saturday September 7 at 10pm

Source: The Jasmine Brand


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