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Laugh Now Cry Later

Young man learned his fate after he beats his girlfriend’s little boy to death because he wouldn’t stop crying. Little did he know the judge heard his conversations before the court case.

@KIrk Frost Ain’t Shit! says that Rasheeda and Kirk are faking it til’ they make it. But this shit has to have some limits. And Kirk has went to damn far.
Kirk post a picture on IG earlier today and the took it down.. Because we all know Kirk a Bitch!

This nigga need to be checked! Rasheeda do you have some Cousins? Male or female ?
Because Kirk Need To Straight get it!

Is She Or Ain’t She?

ImageIf you’ve been under a rock in the reality Tv world then you missed that Erica Mena of love and hip Hop Ny was suppose to be with child. 

And then Rich Dollarz making a statement that he knew nothing about the coming baby!

But then This Picture popped up also and the tweet by Erica saying LMFAO! Assume and you make an A$$ out of yourself!



 Erica dose the most all the time! She wants   

to be know as this billy bad ass. No no sweet heart Assume means to just look and run with it but you co signing the pictures with the auntie comments.  That’s  just bring drama to your self by doing something so lame ! 

Either she’s having a baby or that’s her favorite dress ! 


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