Sundy Carter….You Know You Done F**ked Up Right?!

We as fans are not the only one’s that  are offended by Sundy Carter.

From the way she plays the peace maker and then turn around and start drama to keep herself in the spotlight.

If you watched Sundays Episode then you would have heard Sundy make some real personal comments towards Brandi Maxwell and her battle with cancer and being able to have another baby.

There is a petition to get Sundy Carter off of our tv’s with here pretty face and bad spirit.

The only reason Sundy is even on the show is because she laid on her back and had a baby and pretty sure Jackie put her name out there.

Sundy does not work, have any businesses or nothing! She just follows jackie around like that puppet she is while Jackie pulls all the strings.

The foohlishness that Sundy Carter has done on our tv’s has Shaunie O’Neal speaking about her.

I told y’all the one that needs the check  the most…almost always show out … now that showing out is going to have Sundy Carter sack chasing again!



Basketball Wives LA, Jackie Christie Thoughts On The Season So Far



Wow, here we are yet again! This time with Basketball Wives LA season 3! The cast of characters from past seasons have changed a bit with only myself, Draya, and Malaysia returning. Along with a few new faces that are sure to bring that BBW LA drama! With everyone playing dirty, this season has already kicked off with a BANG!!!

Beginning with me getting the all the wives and girlfriends together to hopefully assist me with my GLAAD event! Which is something very near and dear to my heart! Being a long-time supporter of the LGBT community, I really want all of the ladies, to believe in and love the cause as much as I do. Arriving at the Bugatta resturant where I arranged for us all to meet, Sundy and I got there first so we enjoyed a few spirits while awaiting the other ladies. Of course one by one they trickle in, but not fast enough! I kept sitting there thinking about how much I really wanted them all to get along! If we could just form an alliance, we are all voices as our spouses better halves and we could really make a difference, as there is truly strength in numbers!

Brandi wasted no time however asking Sundy to explain what was going on with Sundy and her daughter, Deja, and that surely set the tone. Because soon after Brittish went for the jugular on Draya who had just walked. Draya had barely shared any pleasantries before being hit with the “million dollar question,” ARE YOU A HO?!?! Those words echoed throughout the room! Shock, disbelief, mayhem as well as sheer and utter confusion followed. The girls went into a frenzy! I observed and remained silent choosing instead to lead by example as some things are just better left unsaid, and I knew it was a sticking point for Draya!

Ariane, a new lady to the group of course had a bone to pick with Draya as well. She wanted to know what happened with Draya and her kids’ father! But Draya wasn’t having any of that either, as she quickly laid her feeling on that matter on the table! And as the tears fell silently from Ariane’s eyes, i felt the pain of a woman scorned and now facing her rival. The room filled with screams of displeasure, sides were being drawn even at that early point.

For me having known Draya for a few years and taking up for her at times, yet also having my issues with her was ironic. I found myself feeling like a protective sister. And ultimately getting the girls to agree to help out with my event was a good feeling. Next up was the meeting to line it all up! The event was coming up fast, and I needed to be sure I could count on them to assist me to make it an amazing event!

In between planning for the GLAAD event, I stopped by my daughter Chantel’s house see what she’s been up to and catch up, since she moved back to LA to pursue her modeling, acting and singing career. I wanted to see if I could be of any help to her, which she calmly shut down completely while reminding me to just be her mommy! Even though she knows that I’d make a hell of a “momenger.” She also shared a whole lot more, like the fact that she had been communicating with and seeing a guy, which blew me away! I thought, “Huh? Dating? Who? Where? What the…?” She then dropped an atom bomb… She said the guy was dating my friend!!I’m thinking who the heck is she talking about? Lo and behold the “friend” was Draya! Oh NO! I thought Draya!?!?! No way! I felt faint!

I knew immediately I needed to figure out a way to tell Draya. NOT to hurt her, but to clear the air and be forthright to a friend. Especially about something so important as this and my daughter was involved! So the predicament was my daughter on one hand and Draya on the other! It was a disaster waiting to happen! I needed to ask someone outside of the situation that I trusted, to give me their opinion on it all, I mean it’s not everyday a person is faced with such a decision! Looking back I truly learned a valuable lesson, stay out of matters of the heart, for love can often times be blind!

So lets talk about the new ladies….

Brittish: A feisty,outspoken spitfire who I named the “Firecracker” early on. She came through with a vengeance! She is no nonsense and in your face, but yet can be sweet as pie when she wants to be!

Sundy:Soft spoken and articulate. and I call her the “Quiet Storm.” Sundy is a fun and loyal friend, willing to go to battle for someone she cares about and definitely for her children! She is not one to be taken lightly.

Brandi: A woman who’s been through a lot, yet still tries to find the good in every situation. Brandi is also soft spoken and an observer.

This season is a turbulent roller coaster, beautiful at times and also chaotic and wild at others! I have said it’s “like letting the animals out of the cage!” When all of us women get together even to just grab a quick bite to eat, things get WILD!

There seems to always be some unfinished business, a “T” not crossed or an “I” not dotted with these woman. And no one is willing to take the blame! Draya and I have the ongoing issue of the infidelity with her “boo,” Brittish and Malaysia are at odds with DRY hellos 🙂 Sundy and Brandi with the “Don’t ask about my children again”!

THE GUYS: Even though there’s complete insanity most times we even share quality time with our spouses, those are the only calming moments so far! Doug and Brittish’s fiance, Lorenzo, got a chance to work out together and share some intimate conversation about love, life, and marriage, even SEX!!! Kike how to keep it poppin’! And the four of us even go out to dinner where i was immediately put on the spot by Lorenzo whom I met for the very first time! He wanted my take on keeping a marriage tight! i gathered from his line of questioning that he really wants to keep those fires burning with his bride-to-be! And now i just need to get the two of them to loosen up a little and step out the box! (You have to watch the episode to see what I mean.) 🙂

All of this brings me to this week’s episode…First I must say I have to get that body wrap the girls got! Looks like a hoot! Sundy putting together this fab trip to Palm Springs was interesting, mostly because we are all aware of the catastrophic possibilities of us trying to co-habitate under one roof for more than 5 minutes. I just don’t believe it’s going to be possible! But hey, my friend is asking me to go, so of course I’m game to support! Watching the girls Draya, Malaysia and Brandi discuss me and my feelings was hard! As my mindset at the time was one of a neutral position and I really felt okay about sitting down with Draya to discuss any issues she may have had regarding Chantel and Orlando’s situation; or lack thereof!!! But they seemed dead-set on making me out to be a villain who was after Draya’s head; not so!

Sundy was successful in getting us to Palm Springs, and now the fun begins!! OH BOY!! Hold on to your seat & STAY TUNED FOR MUCH MORE!

My two cents……

Jackie you are to old to even be in this group of ladies. I strongly believe Jackie is a mean-spirited female bored with her life and uses these ladies to fill her entertainment. And theses dumb chicks are so focused on the beef they have with each other that they  don’t see Jackie pulling the string.

When I read this I could not help but laugh at Jackie and the shit she be doing and saying .. This whole my thoughts on the show is bullshit… you didn’t do nothing but tell us what we already seen and make yourself look good doing it knowing you’re the root of it all…. you find out that your daughter is bitter because Orlando choose Draya and Chantel thinks that Draya is the reason Orlando is not with her.

INACCURATE!! He didn’t like Chantel big deal move on .. but Jackie and Chantel are going way to far for somebody that ain’t nobody…..Callng that man gay because he don’t want to be with you .. Chantel you should be ashamed of yourself. And Jackie why are you going so hard for this… You mad at Draya like she was sleeping with Dough or something… You out of line!

Sundy Sundy Sundy ……SEAT YOUR ASS DOWN! You trying way to hard to keep the paycheck boo, Your No Angel Either Baby!  Hello Pot Meet Kettle! British you playing too much.. how you mad because some one doe not speak to you ho you want them to… get you a folding chair and go sit by Sundy!

Draya & Malaysia are the only two with some class…but if  moved the wrong way they are clapping back … they should! 

Basketball Wives LA | Season 3, Episode 4 Preview

Draya ask her boyfriend if he cheated. &, Jackie’s party falls apart Click here to get a peek..>>>>.

What They Say about ME?

Folks in these streets don’t like Sundy Carter!

Rumor has it that she is a true hoe… They say she got super head beat!

They say she had Herpes since she was 18….averaging 2 abortions per yr by Larry Haughes over a 5 yr span.

Sundy has a  little girl  by Larry Haughes..

Here’s what Philadelphia film director Zack Williams had to say about Sundy Carter:

“You got the hoe that sleeps with you – not because she likes you, but because she likes the situation you’re in. She [Sundy Carter] done put a lot of people in crazy situations like this. There’s people are in jail because of her.

She has been trying to come up for a minute now….including Nelly, Shaq, Carmelo Anthony, Hakim Warrick, Andre Johnson and Jermaine O’Neal.

Check out the Video below:

Better Business Bureau had some not so nice things to say about Brittish Williams

Check out what they had to say inside.

This is as recent as last month on the 28th:

St. Louis, Mo., Jan. 28, 2014 – Love of Labels Boutique, an online clothing store that promises shipments in 14 days, has drawn complaints from customers nationwide who say they have been waiting up to nine months for their orders, Better Business Bureau (BBB) warns. BBB advises caution when dealing with Love of Labels, based in St. Louis County and operated by Brittish C. Williams. In a TV interview last week, Williams said the business has been growing quickly, and said she plans to begin selling her own designer shoes soon. She said she will appear next month on the VH-1 reality TV show “Basketball Wives of L.A.”

Love of Labels has an “F” rating with BBB, the lowest possible. Customers have filed more than 30 complaints against the business in the last eight months, alleging extremely slow or non-delivery of items, incorrect orders, poor merchandise quality and problems with customer service.

“I have not heard anything from them,” said a customer from Philadelphia, Pa., who said she has been waiting more than three months for an exchange order. “What kind of business are they running?” Michelle Corey, BBB president and CEO, said the number and pattern of complaints indicate a serious problem. “There is absolutely no excuse for people waiting four, five, six months and longer for merchandise,” Corey said. “If this business can’t deliver, it should refund the money.” Love of Labels LLC, which alsodoes business as Love of Labels Boutique, registered with the Missouri secretary of state in February 2012. At that time, Williams and Lorenzo Gordon were listed as organizers of the business. Williams has identified Gordon as her fiancé and a professional basketball player, most recently competing in Argentina.

On Dec. 20, BBB notified Williams of a pattern of complaints against her company, alleging “poor customer service and failure to deliver products and refunds.” She did not respond to the letter. BBB has been unable to reach Williams by phone.

During the TV interview, Williams said she started Love of Labels and about 11 months ago. In addition to the shoe line, she also said she plans to introduce a jewelry line soon. The website says the business owners “wanted to create a site that was affordable, yet chic enough to make every girl feel like a star.” The site promises to ship within seven business days, but says custom orders may take up to 14 business days. While the site outlines an exchange program, it also says, “We do not do refunds. We don’t do cancellations either.” A customer from El Paso, Texas, said she purchased a sweater for $45 through the website on Sept. 10, but had not received the item almost four months later. “I have not heard anything from them,” she said. “I gave up.”

A woman from Lincoln, Calif., said she paid $84 for a swimsuit last spring and received it in about three weeks. But the suit was too small, and she returned it on June 4 with a request for a larger size. Nearly eight months later, she still has not received a replacement. “I never received anything,” she said. “They (customer service representatives) would not take any responsibility. It was just lie after lie after lie.”

A customer from Ridgewood, N.Y., said she paid $152 for a jumpsuit and swimsuit from Love of Labels on April 8, but the quality was so poor that she asked to exchange it. Love of Labels agreed, and the woman paid $12 to return the clothing later that same month. More than nine months later, she has not received the exchange merchandise. “It has been very frustrating,” she said. “It’s not about the money anymore; I just don’t want anyone else to experience this.”


Basketball Wives LA Supertrailer

Jackie tries to pop Draya’s bubble about her man dating her daughter…….


@Draya…..Seems Like It’s All Good Here

I posted a story about Draya’s Boo Thing Dallas Cowboys Orlando Sandrick may have been cheating on her…. click here if you missed it……>>>>>
But from the looks of this picture she posted to her Facebook page tonight … Everything is all Good !

Draya’s Boo Cheats?

BasketBall Wives La star Draya post pictures of her supporting and loving her boo thing Dallas Cowboy Orlando Sandrick all the time on Facebook..

Well we found out today that Draya ain’t the only one.

Only known as @mamacita_ana (to us) spilled the tea that the Dallas Cowboy player is always begging her to lay it down.

Well wonder what Draya is  doing???? To busy shooting for her #fineassgirls line to be worried some side chick.


@Jackie Christie Defends @Shaunie O’neal After @Laura Govan Made Ho Statement


A few days ago Laura Govan spoke against a TV shows she was once apart of in a bad light.

Saying executive producer Shaunie O’Neal ruined the franchise by hiring hos!

And this coming from the hoe that slept with Shaunie’s husband.

And from sleeping with Shaq Laura’s baby daddy NBA player Gilbert Arenas wanted a paternity test for the kids he had by Laura because she is a hoe.

The pot always wants to call the kettle black!

During a recent interview with Mara The Hip Hop Socialite,

Jackie Christie comes to Shaunie’s defense saying…

“I feel like everybody is entitled to their own opinion, and I feel like Shaunie has done a great thing. I have to take my hat off to Shaunie first and foremost. Not only is she one of my closest friends, I respect her; I feel like I’m a part of her franchise, and I’m proud of the show. I feel like there’s a lot of girlfriends and fiancee and everything just in general, but it’s okay. The show is titled Basketball Wives, but it doesn’t necessarily have to mean wives. It could be an ex-wife, like with the Miami version, a lot of them are ex-wives, but they are wives. So I think it’s more about the females involved with professional athletes, basketball athletes world. That’s what I think the show is basically saying. So our show this season without giving it away, there’s about three or four wives actually on Basketball Wives: LA. So it is what it is. I don’t really know what happened as far as how that conversation came about with Laura making those comments, so I’d be speaking out of turn, but I look at what Shaunie has done in only a positive light. And not only Shaunie, but Shed Media, VH1, everybody.”

Laura’s ass mad because her or her sister won’t be apart of the franchise  any more and the only light she getting is dressing like the hoe she is and posting photos on instagram.





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