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Kim Say Nicki Want To BE Her.. What YA’ll Think?….Guilty or not guilty?

‪#‎LilKim‬ just dropped the artwork for her new mixtape called ‪#‎IdentityTheft‬

Nicki Some Where Like No This Bitch Didn’t

Pregnant Woman Shot Over Facebook!


Ya’ll Think Chaka Khan Got Beef With Beyonce?

I just think Chaka Just Might Not Like Yonce


Misconfusion’ The Cause Of Rick Ross & Youn Jeezy Beef?

In a new interview with Huffington Post Live

“It was a lot of misconfusion at the end of the day because me and his personally never had an issue and I think that was one of the reasons we were able to really resolve this problem because we never really personally had an issue,” Rick Ross says. “Amongst bosses, you know we like to call it ‘That rapper stuff.’ Real bosses get over that and that’s what we did and I’m happy we was able to do that and set the examples for some of the younger bosses that’s coming up and let ‘em know it’s all about making that positive progress.”

“We had past differences and you know we put that to the side, being true bosses, and to do something big for the culture, which is bigger than both of us,” Rick Ross explains. “Here we have it, ‘War Ready.’”

“MMG and Ricky Rozay, I’m expanding and getting bigger every day,” he adds. “It’s a lot of other entrepreneurs that’s doing the same and Jeezy is one, so it was just time for us to come together. Let’s capitalize and something big happen for the game, for Hip Hop for the culture and we may be doing something else. You never know.”

Today’s Twitter Beef: Rihanna vs Teyana Taylor Because Of A Instagram Video

Teyana caught wind of the vid and had the following to say, well, tweet: – See more at:



teyana-taylor-rihanna-twitter-shots-karen-civil teyana-taylor-rihanna-twitter-shots-karen-civil2



Check Rihanna’s Instagram for video…..@badgalrir


Frank Ocean Takes Domestic Violence Support To Far!

Frank Ocean supporting domestic violence but took it a little to far with the Chris Brown wanted for domestic violence t-shirt!

I wish folks stop acting like Chris Brown is the only man who has ever hit a woman.



AP.9 Proves He was Getting Him Some CoCo

CoCo Tripping


Why Is Azealia Always Beefing On Twitter?

Azealia calls herself calling people out on twitter, but I just see a young girl making a fool of herself to get some kind, any kind of attention. She’s beefed with everyone from Rihanna, Jim Jones, Lil Kim, Kreayshawn, and Nicki Minaj just to name a few. Now she feels lonely and wants to pick on Rita Ora, Calling her Rihanna’s Under study! what ever that means. Here’s a tip Azealia try putting out some hott music to get some fans and the attention you seek cause the Tweeter Beef’s are getting old!

MsJoseline didn’t like being called a man by Tamar Braxton


Last Night Tiny Harris show Tiny Tonight aired. The were doing a recap of reality tv shows in 2012, And of course VH1 Love&HipHop ATL was a topic with the love triangle of Joseline, MiMi and Stevie J. Will everybody on the panel ( Tiny, Trina, Tamar, and Claudia) had there two cent. But Tamar and Claudia took some shots a Joseline saying that she was a man. And Ms Joseline was tuned in and didn’t like the comment one bit.

Read more on twitter..
Tamar didn’t tweet back last night, but i’m sure she will soon
So she gave Tamar and Claudia a little slice of her mind.

Do You think Tamar was wrong for calling Joseline a man?
Do you think Joseline was right to tweet about Tamar?
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