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Jump Off (the book)

I just happen to be online, just random looking at this or that, trying to find a story that caught my eye. And Jara Everett was what caught my eye today. If you don’t know who she is, (i didn’t either and still not sure lol) she suppose to be some kind of rapper( i YouTube her not at all a hook here and here) i never heard of, so the rapper part did not get my attention…..the fact that she wrote a book saying she had sleep with people in the industry interested me……so i bought the book because I’m just nosey like that.
From the beginning it was good, R Kelly has a big dome! How she was sleeping with Suge Knight, hanging out with 2Pac, Washing Jazzepha like he was a new-born baby boy! Smdh! I don’t believe have the mess in the book of how she was a jump off,…… every nigga wanted her oppose to her messy friends, cause she thur them under the bus, picked them up and thur them back a few times in the book. Some friend! And i refuse to believe that Young Jezzy sex game is dull, he must thur you off the bus?? Lol And the whole time she or her friend was sleeping with Jezzy while he was in a relationship with Keisha Coles! All in all the book was interesting and worth buying if you in to this type thing….Of course you are or you wouldn’t be reading this!!!2012-11-30-23-38-05--1502533329


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