Pacquaio tells Mayweather: ‘Let’s give the fans the fight they want!’

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The Champ Is Here!

Floyd Mayweather said that he’s not going to let folks speak about him and they on the outside looking in.

He said the real reason that he and Miss Jackson are not together anymore is because she had an abortion and that she never told him about it , he found the papers snooping I guess.

Miss Jackson who is now dating rapper Nelly

Miss Jackson must be pillow talking with Nelly.. rumor has it that Floyd treats his girlfriends well when it comes to buying things like bags, and shoe, and jewelry .. going on trips and things.. but his personality is real rude.

Nelly took a shot a Floyd on twitter last night and not long after 50 Cent did too:



The rumors maybe right we should ask Ray-J if since Floyd’s women like to talk and Ray -J is now dating one of Floyd Mayweathers ex Princess Love .. Yeah Ray- J took One Of Floyd’s girls too!

We know for certain Nelly or Ray -J not just running up taking Floyd Mayweather Women… so these rumors may be the truth… Floyd Just got a lot of money to throw around remember the chick that said his penis was small and had a picture to prove:

Yeah HUH! Floyd we going need you to improve on that personality or you well never keep a chick……



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Say It Ain’t So: Groupie Puts Floyd Mayweather On Blast!


I think it’s said when thirsty chick try and put a dude on blast for a few bucks when she maybe could have more if she played her cards right!

I’m not a teacher……But I can teach you some things….

Apparently Floyd was sending this chick ..penis flicks and she didn’t like the size and decide to put him out there…

The Groupie wrote: Not all black people are created equal. I’m hoping you post this and maybe Floyd will stop sexting me pictures of his three inch penis. You ain’t packing honey.

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Congratulations to Floyd Mayweather Again!


Watch Lil Wayne & Justin Bieber walk him to the ring.


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