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Kola Boof Talks With Bravo

Some may know her some may not.

Kola Boof is known for going off in them Twitter streets, but you may know her as Osama Bin Laden’s Mistress and  Kimora Lee’s ex boyfriend Dimon Honsu. Mistress!

Yes she use to do the side chick thing..

Well I know Kola is messy I have seen her tweet about just everything and many time her going on Kimora on house she was sleeping with her man! Click Here If You Missed It!

Click Here to see some of her tweets!

and more …..

Anywho Bravo producers for The Real House Wives Of Atlanta as contacted Kola.

We don’t know the reason behide the email that she receviced and Kola dose not know either.

I don’t think they are ready for Kola Boof … Matter Of Fact I Know They Ain’t Ready!


Kenya Moore And Her African Prince?




Is this Kenya Moore’s african prince she speaks so much of?

Or is he a paid to be with her?

As we all know Kenya Moore will go to great lengths to prove she has a man… Like having a man validates  you in the world.

Kenya know that all that noise she makes on the show and the way she talks in interviews that people will be out here in these streets watching her… So I know she knows that’s this picture has been taking and waiting and watching for us to talk about it and then she will speak on if this is her man or not!


Sneak Peek! Kandi Buruss & Todd Rucker’s Wedding


Kandi Burruss Hot Or Not?


Do you think Todd handled the Mama Joyce situation correctly?

Re-watch and decide >>

We Are Sending Our Well Wishes To @NeNeLeakes


Tabatha Takes Over Season 4 – Tabatha: Through the Years – Photo Gallery – Bravo TV Official Site

Tabatha Takes Over Season 4 – Tabatha: Through the Years – Photo Gallery – Bravo TV Official Site.

Tamar Braxton “Love&War” Video

Tamar Braxton “Love&War” Video


Kenya Moore Is Reaching!


It is said that Lawrence from Atlanta House Wives Knows of Walter Kenya Moore’s Ex-Fake Boyfriend.Image

If you missed it click here>>>> (

And They say that’s Lawrence is supposed to have said that he  new that Walter was on the down low and that’s why he came out with the story making Kenya look like a Crazy Women.

Well according to They received a email that claims Lawrence statement might be true.Image

But if you ask me , I really don’t care if you don’t here is my Two Cents!

Kenya’s ass is reaching , she don’t need no help making her ass look crazy!

I need more proof that Lawrence Know Walter and would bet the farm that Kenya sent this email out to herself.

What do you think?


Walter wants to put his two cents in Tweeting @Andy Cohen!


Walter must been watching What’s Happen Live last night. He tweeted Andy Cohen that he was willing to come on the show with proof that him and Kenya had no contact with each other until the show. That everything Kenya is saying is a lie! 


Kenya’s ass need to have a seat. What grown ass women go’s around lying like this. 

For the sake of Looking like she has her life together.

Hey Kenya having a man and kids don’t mean your life is perfect. Be Happy that your are Blessed to be who you are! And do that while you can because you ripping up what little respect that people do have for you because of the work and the things that you have done ! #GETYALIFE!

Wonder what she is going to say after Walter go’s on the show?


Don’t nobody want to Wife Kenya Moore!

According to Madame Noire Kenya Moore is the shit I thought she was.
She’s not only a rude, jealous, hating ass B$&!h! But a trifling hoe that will push up on anybody’s man dead in front on the! Disrespectful Hoe!
Check out the info according to Madame Noire: about what Walter had to say about Kenya Moore’s waco ass!
“I’m not trying to put any pressure on you, but I need you to put a ring on it and then I need you to get me pregnant,” is a message that is “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, Kenya Moore has been seen expressing to her seemingly not interested “boyfriend” Walter Jackson all season long. From day one of Kenya’s appearance on the show, many felt that her relationship seemed forced and unauthentic; however no one could really prove anything. Then, last week eyebrows raised as we reported that Walter was seen out and about Atlanta with a woman who wasn’t Kenya. And now Walter is dropping the ultimate bomb as he recently revealed in an exclusive interview with Frank and Wanda’s Morning Show on Atlanta’s V103 that he and Kenya’s relationship was nothing more than an arrangement for the show. He also exposed that he and Kenya dated three years ago for a mere three months.

“In April I received a text from her [Kenya] like ‘Hey, I’m gonna be in Atlanta. I want to sit and talk with you and everything. I want to talk to you about a couple of things.’ I said ‘Oh, okay then. I was kind of surprised.’ And so she said ‘You know I’m going to be doing this show. What do you think about doing reality TV?’ I said ‘ I don’t know that is kind of a big stretch there.’ So she goes ‘Well what if you played my boyfriend on the show?’ I said ‘Woah.’”

Walter says he then consulted his boys who advised that he may as well get his fifteen minutes of fame and so he agreed.

“So I told her ‘Okay, I could do it. I could play your boyfriend.’ She told me it was just like acting and I’m like ‘Okay, I can act, no problem. No problem at all. I can do that’.”

Walter even went on to drop clues that indicate how people should’ve known the relationship was a front.

“Nobody here in Atlanta seen me out with Kenya at any events… We didn’t do anything. That was it and that’s it.”

He also shared why Kenya’s turning up the heat on him to get married and give her a baby threw him for a loop.

“And that’s why on the show I was surprised a lot of times. I mean we would talk about it, we were dating. But on the show, I had no idea that she was telling the producers or anybody else that we were about to get married. So every time [I heard it] I was like ‘Woah, wait a minute. This ain’t what I signed up for.”

This amazingly believable news coming the day after the world witnessed Kenya being extremely inappropriate with her co-star Phaedra’s husband in last night’s episode doesn’t seem to help Kenya’s face and many are viewing this all with the “serves her right” attitude, not to mention the way she obsessed and stressed over marriage and children during the Anguilla trip. Kenya is a beautiful woman whether you like her or not, but it doesn’t really add up how someone that pretty has to resort to asking a man to “play” her boyfriend or pushing up against someone else’s man. Things just aren’t adding up.

Read more at Madame



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