Erica Dixon Throwing Shade…

Erica has a nerve to be talking about anybody ACTING….. all she did every season was ACT like she was about that life and only popped off …..(NO Jumping off was seen.).. Anyway this 2014 Sugar Mama throw some shade at Soulja Boy on Twitter…

If Soulja Boy is a definitely a actor then Her and Scrappy are  as well…. Scrappy still acting as if he still a rapper….And she was doing Major Acting fronting on social media like her relationship with O’Shea the model was on the up & up when she was really was unhappy because she had to take care of his broke butt… HELLO POT >>MEET KETTLE….

Erica Dixon (Love&HipHop Atlanta)

I don’t care for Erica Dixon …my reason is because she is a bone carrier and likes to start drama…and when Life gets real she run…Erica pops offs but dose NOT jump off..I think she dose this because she has to prove she not soft…And we all know that she only dose this with females because she was taking care off Oshea ( the model) and she gave it up to scrappy over some cheap drinks , a uno game and a $55 hotel room.

No Shade!!

But anyways….we have to credit where credit is due… Erica looks great in this photo rocking the big curly do’…..

Good Job Erica…..

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Review….( My Two Cents)

Erica Dixon is lame She did all that crying about shay & Bambi cheating with scrappy while she was with him.. but turned around and did the same thing while shay was with scrappy and while Bambi was with scrappy…she gave it up for a uno game some cheap drinks and a $55 hotel room.. Hello kettle meet pot….that baby mama shit is over rated….

And it seemed like Karlie Redd was the side chick and didn’t know she was….

Karlie Redd is played herself has she always dose… She can’t keep a man because she thinks sex is the only way to keep a man around…. Karlie be more focused on the if the man is cheating then the man himself….She has a new man every season who will it be next season? 

And who takes a LTD test when they know they going to fail it?…. Scrappy….well at least him and Bambi on they same page… and she said it right….. she ain’t trying to marry scrappy and there is nothing wrong with that ….they dating.. the rest of the chicks looking for a husbands….because they feel if they have a man that it validates them some how…Look at me i can get a man… least Bambi know what she wants….

Erica loves drama that’s why she kept that hotel receipt from two weeks ago.

Lets not forgot get Erica has to take care of a man to keep him around…just so happen for scrappy she only have to give it up for him to stay around….

But did you check out the ending tho?

Joseline give them hoe’s what they want at the end don’t she…

We going to have to wait til next week to see what go’s down….


Erica Dixon started her own clothing line called Klass 6… what do you think of her dress?

And The Oscar Go’s To?!

Mimi Nikko

Did y’all watch Love And Hip Hop Atlanta last night?

When I tell you I wanted to reach in the tv and choke Mimi till she stop breathing.. I’m dead serious!

It seems like to me that Mimi is down for whoever is giving her beef cake….. an the moment it’s this snake name Niko.

Mimi is so whipped by this clown that she has first,….. let him talked her into having sex on tape…..second,…. this dumb ass woman flies to LA to talk about releasing the sex tape that was stolen from Niko.. (So his sneaky ass say! ) In the same breath crying and whining about the fact that she has a little girl. Then with the quickness…they want to sell it.. did you hear when this Nigga kept saying but ….after Mimi kept bring up her child…What he meant to say was …..but fuck your child let’s get this bread!…. And that’s what Mimi did. All that damn crying .. If her ass was feeling that bad her ass would have not flew to LA and signed them papers.

This chick thinks that sending Joseline a stripper pole for her wedding gift would somehow hurt Joseline’s feelings.

It Didn’t!

Joseline was mad because Erica Dixon with her weak ass and Ariane? was question her like they was her BFFS…or something. Adriana is on the show for what? Who is she and why is she here? Security!!!!!!!! 

And Erica and Ariane have no life.. yeah Erica talking about her boo on the show who is now her bo no longer!

Her dumb ass let scrappy come right back to her after he been running around with Shay, Bambi and the new chick named Eric who may or may not be pregnant.

Erica put this picture up of scrappy laying in her bed sleep a few weeks ago

No dumb dumb he comes back because you let him.. if your his back bone then your  a super weak back bone!


At least Joseline can owe up to her shit and her past.. Mimi even after putting out a sex tape to try to keep a man & and her tv gig …is below and stripper!

Hello Pot Meet Kettle!

If you missed the boring ass sex tape don’t waste your bread Click Here

Mingnon Dixon Launched A T-Shirt Line

Over on one of my Favorite Sites I ran came across this post of Erica Dixon Mommy  Mingnon Dixon has launch a T-shirt line … “You Ain’t Talkin Bout Nuttin”

And from all the pictures Freedyo got up … I don’t see a soul wearing the shirt but  Mingnon and Erica.

And about five people in this picture!

Bambi Trashing Lil Scrappy on instagram.

Bambi said it is over and sh throwing the scraps back!

I mention to you twice already that Bambi And  Shay was beefing because Shay was still playing the side chick and had proof on Lil Scrappy’s birthday .. Shay posted pics on instagram  to let the world know.

Well Bambi not as dumb as Shay she has some morals about herself and she well not have it and returned scrappy to Erica and Shay .. .. Yes i said Erica I’m sure she is around since she just announced that she is single again  also……I knew that won’t going to last she was trying way to hard to prove she had moved on.

See What Bambi Posted on Instagram Blow:


Erica Dixon & Her New Boyfriend O’Shea Russell


Shay Johnson of ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Says Erica Cheated on Lil Scrappy First – The Breakfast Club

Shay Johnson discussed her past and current relationship with Lil Scrappy of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. She said that although Lil Scrappy cheated on Erica Dixon with Diamond, Dixon was unfaithful first. Johnson also said that Dixon was the “other woman” during Lil Scrappy’s famous relationship with Diamond, rather than the other way around.

Diamond, Erica Dixon, interviews, Lil Scrappy, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Shay Johnson, The Breakfast Club

via Shay Johnson of 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Says Erica Cheated on Lil Scrappy First – The Breakfast Club | 24Wired.TV.


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