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The show Started of with a few punches tonight but first i want to know who dose Rashidah’s hair? That color was all over the place. 




Then enters Winter While Jen The Pen sets and listen to her man consequence. 


She said she knows a lot of people in the life and that she dating them , fucked them, know who the main chick is and who the baby mama’s are, who the wife is etc. AKA she’s a jump off, and what do jumpoffs do? They write books about all the dick they have had while being in the HipHop world.


Jen was a little worried for Winter and asked her if she was scared about putting the book out. That Winter says is a tell all and that Jadakiss played a big part in her doing this book.


Winter said no , if anybody come at her with any beef  she was going to shot them. Yeah right she got 911 on speed dial.

And speaking of Jen The Pen and Consequence, Is Consequence not giving her enough money, shouldn’t she have her on money, Why she worried about if her mother knows that he’s giving her money or not! (SIDE EYE) .

Raqui must really want to get with Joe Buddens.

She show all signs of wanting the dick or have had that dick.


And for her to even coming up with the thought in her head to come out her mouth to say

 that Tahiry was jealous of her.

I think Raqui is mad that Joe is trying to get back with Tahiry and didn’t try to get some of what she has to offer. Because she either has had it and wants it again , or wants to test drive.

But I believe Tahiry is far from jealous of Raqui , Ya’ll see Tahiry?



And Who The F is lore’l?


She Clams to be the best rapper in the entire world, but we just realizing you are in the world! Her real name is  Monica Torres, from brooklyn ,Ny.

She once  interning in Promotions/Marketing at Sony Music, at 16 years old , (SIDE EYE)

and she is is managed by Power105 radio personality Angela Yee.
And her “TEAM” OTL, 

She has a new single out that suppose to be building up radio play. Bu i ain’t heard nothing on the radio!

she recently dropped her debut EP Leading Lady in 2012 and her single “Shut It Down”images (88)


Love&HipHop NewYork

Poor Robert Kardashian


Poor Rob It seems like all the girls leave him!
Why is that Rob? Is it you? Are you a softie, fall for ever chick you give the D to?
Are you letting the chicks use you to get out there?
Because thats what it seems like to me, they get with you, go to a few partys, meet some new people, get a few jobs here and there forget about Rob!
You see it too?
While Rita said she want there herself so…What’s that tell?
To hear what Rita had to say!
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