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Amina ,Peter Gunz & The New Baby


So was Erica Mena a prostitute or Nah?



Camron So Damn Mean…(

The folks at always on Instagram…..Creeping in the comments…Carmon is mean has hell tho!! ……



Joe Budden was arraigned on assault charges yesterday, then released from jail after his mom posted $10,000 bail.

Benzino was talking mess about the writers over at Bossip…. Decided that it wasn’t what he really wanted to say ..deleted it and reworded and posted it again.

Kenya Moore is gearing up for the new season of The Real House Wives Of Atlanta…She is on instagram throwing all kinds of shade a NeNe Leaks…. #NeNeleakes

Kandi Burruss …..

Kandi said she is wearing a corset in this picture she said she got it from …@mrswrightway….got check her out…

Remy Ma said that her husband Papoose was Band from coming to she her while she was in jail….because of a rumor that he was going to break her out of jail….

Wes Saunders Gets Exposed On Instagram

Apparently Wes is suppose to be in a relationship with @brittholloman and was creeping with a chick name Lizzy…

Well.. during that creeping Lizzy got pregnant.. But Wes has been denying the baby and Lizzy was not having that..

“You wanted the DNA test… Here you go! @wes_saunders47″ Lizzy captioned the posted. “I’m in my feelings, so what) A blind man could see he’s yours. You would never disrespect my child as long as I live! And in the words of Drake ‘She gon see some s*** she don’t want to see’”

But That’s not all…..@brittholloman just had a baby too…

This Wes is a piece of work ain’t he?





Momma Dee Love Spilling The Tea


Mama Dee love telling all of Srappy’s business….

She keeps trying to tell Bambi that Scrappy is a little puppy dog ….. Remember when she told Bambi about Shay….

 Click here if you missed it.





















Well Now Mama Dee is putting Scrappy’s business out there once again and it’s about fronting ass sugar mama Erica Dixon!

Mamma Dee tells Madame Noire:

“Erica, I respect her as my granddaughter’s mother. I tried to apologize to her [on Thursday’s nights episode] for any wrong that I’ve done to her.

“Do you know that b*tch came for me at the reunion? She came for me, baby. I had to lay that b*tch to rest and I did. Scrappy left the set two hours early on the second day. And I guess she felt that I was the weaker link and because Scrappy wasn’t there, she could come for me. No, boo Scrappy is the weakest link because if he wasn’t he wouldn’t still be f*cking you behind Bambi’s back.”

Mamma Dee tried to tell Bambi that there are always one more egg in the basket.

Scrappy needs to man up or be single with his dog ass.. He got ride of lame crying ass Erica Pinkett the weakest chick i have ever seen .. catching feelings over text messages.

I can’t wait to see this reunion … First the Joseline fight now this…The Reunion is going to be fire!!

Karlie Redd Stealing!!!

 This Guy right here thereal0nestopshop claims that Karlie Redd is a Thief and a Con Artist see the tea below:


Stevie J, Althea And Benzino Posted this picture… Mona Scott asked stevie to take it down and he did… Althea then put it up and then Benzino put it up and added some tea to it.. Like i said benzino pulls no punches….


GhostFaceKilla Shows A Little Thirst On IG

Ya’ll remember ghostface killah from the famous rap group Wu-Tang-Clan right?

Well he is being added to the guys that show thirst in females comments on instagram… but not just any female…. It’s Kaylin Garcia Joe Budden’s old piece … The one he played out on the reality TV show Love And Hip Hop New York.

Check The Tea Below:

Ghost Face did a little reality show himself .. He was just on the last season of Celebrity Couples Therapy playing a chick himself all because she didn’t tell him she use to be a stripper…..and that move him to tell her she not the only one…

No word if Kaylin responding to Ghost dm invite.. somebody better tell her to youtube them clips so she can see for herself!


Rumor Has It!

So rumor has it that (stevie j say’s So ) that Benzino swung on Joseline…when Joseline jumped off on Althea.. But Althea held her own and jumped right back at Joseline…

Benzino said the only reason he swung at Joseline because he was trying to protect Althea.

And This What he had to say about protecting and loving Althea,

I really think Benzino and Althea make a great couple and i’m happy to see he as found him someone that wants to be with him as much as he wants to be with them!

Miss Jackson If You Nasty!

Waka Flocka Got Chicks Coming For Him And Tammy

So this stripper name Mia sounds like she is a little mad because Waka has married Tammy and probably not paying her enough attention anymore… Now rumor has it that Mia has threatened to show the world a sex tape of him going down on her booty…. if Tammy don’t get him….. whatever that mean….

So here’s the tea….

Innocent_MIA left a comment on Waka Flocka’s wife Tammy Rivera’s Instagram page warning her to check Waka before she releases a sex tape…… So Waka put up this photo


The Mia posted:

Waka deleted all his post about Mia after this last post she put up….i guess if your going to cheat be more careful…

Spell Your Name


Keyshia Cole’s Family Comes For Here(@IamNeffeteria ) Again

Writing that book about her family was just not enough for Neffeteria R Pugh.

I was running thur instagram real quick yesterday and I seen that Neffie put a video about a reality show featuring her and her family……( Keyshia included )  She ask us not to judge and watch.. that it is supposed to help fix the problems with her and her family.

But then jumps over on Twitter and talk cash cold shit about her  sister Keyshia Cole .. on how she treats the rest of her family like shit after Keyshia made it big after that horrible reality show with Keyshia and other family members

FYI neffie :……Keyshia was on before that little reality show on BET and the fact you keep saying that the only reason she had the show was because of y’all family is wack!

BET would not have wanted y’all if it won’t for Keyshia….

Neffie is mad because Frankie dragged her from crack house to crack house and gave Keyshia up and she ended up with a better life than Neffie. Because Keyshia is talented….Neffie thought she was going to be super famous and is mad as hell because Keyshia could no longer put up with all this rachet mess that is her family… and walked away from the show….Neffie and Frankie tired they hand at the reality show but Frankie couldn’t stay clean and that fell apart… now she back to put her sister out there because she wont get up off her ass and get a job…even they’er brother @sammyghostt925 said this is how that eat… talking about they family….

It happen suck it up move on……..

If y’all would do something else with the money y’all got from that book and and shows instead of trying to stunt you might have something…..

check out the video below

The brother even cussed me out because of a post I put u on instagram (whatulooknat )

Why in the grape soda is neffie ass always on some let me show how fucked up my family is ….

She even defends herself on twitter about her truth and if any other famous women treat they sisters like Keyshia is treating her…

And the brother thinks because he put Keyshia name on something it’s suppose to sell .. look how he promotes his self …..

He mad because he want to be a rapper and think Keyshia should put him on.. he don’t want to put in the work… he thinks youtube and twitter is all he has to do…..

This therapy must didn’t work because neffie , sammy and the rest of them are still trying to put Keyshia down because she won’t take care of them…. the family who don’t want to work for nothing and want Keyshia to hand it over to them when and whenever! The prime of example why some people can’t mess with they family…. Anything for check , tv and fame…


Rumor Has It!

I told y’all yesterday when I post Setting The Record Straight that something is going on with T.I. and Tiny.

Now I know y’all remembering hearing rumors about T.I and Tiny getting into over Grammy Weekend and then posting messy stuff on social media.

remember T.I. Posting this:

And Tiny Posted This:

Now the streets say that T.I. and Tiny went blow to blow out there on them people’s red carpet at the Grammy’s and because you know T.I. got a little pull in Atlanta he got the blogs to keep this all quiet and shit!

The Harris’s have to keep this mess of a mess on the low because they don’t want to world to not see the positive image that T.I. and his family portray to the public.

Even Shekinah tried to keep the noise low :


T.I. cheated on Tiny Before … Remember when Actress Monique had her talk show on BET and her guest was T.I. and he bought Flavor Of Love Star Hoops with him.. and Monique put them Blast because she was seating front row.


 TI talked about his prison bid, his new movie Takers and his relationship with Tiny.

“With us it goes without saying. We have an understanding. A bond where we ain’t got to say it. She ain’t got to say “I got you”, [cause] I already know. And I ain’t got to say “I got you” because she already know”

Now the beef that happen over the weekend is due to the facts that T.I. had a baby outside if the marriage and Tiny is super pissed.

The baby is under a year so this is all new.. and T.I. because of his guilt thinks Tiny is on some get back and T.I. Thinks its Floyd because of the photo Tiny put up of her and Floyd’s Daughter and her and Floyd.

So Tiny must have found out about the baby while the chick was still pregnant. And Jumped ship back in February…..

Click Here If You Missed It And Heres Another One

I’m so wondering who this chick is with the baby, and what is T.I. Telling her and Giving her to keep quiet?

I,m so sure that when she get mad she will be talking!!

What ever is going on I hope the best for both….


If you ever really want to know why karlie Redd is jealous that Benzino has moved on with his life… click the photo to see why money might not be the only thing Karle is chasing after …..benzinotweet888


More Love & Hip Hop LA Drama

I don’t know which show is going to be better Love & Hip Hop Atlanta with MiMi faust and her sex tap… Or Love & Hip Hop L.A. with Ray_J , Princess Love, and Teairra Mari drama.

The show has not hit the air waves yet but thats not stoping Princess Love Ray-J’s current girlfriend firing shots at Ray-J’s ex Girlfriend that he is still sleeping with Teairra Mari

Princess Love decides to get personal and put Teairra Mari on blast about her Hygiene.

Princess Love thought is was a good idea to put a picture of Monistat 7, vagisil and pills for a bacteria infection on instagram with a boarding pass with Teairra’s name on it …. I’m guessing that she was saying that Teairra’s booty ain’t right.

mzprincesslove @misstmari BIO Hazardous bitch. What type of woman carries this shit in her bag??

I don’t think Princess Love realize that she trying to make a fool out herself trying to make a fool out of someone else.

If @misstmari booty not right , then @mxprincesslove booty ain’t right either since they riding the same piece!





Sundy Carter Get Dragged On Instagram

Sundy Carter put up a photo on instagram sunday night and it’s clearly photo shopped! how is the pool deck curving with her back?

But thats not all ….. folks went in on her for the comment made in sunday nights episode towards brandi…

I am pretty sure that Sundy is use to not having any friends.. Just Jackie…. so this is un-bothered … But got don’t lie ugly.. and he ain’t to keen on cute….I sure this Sundy’s second chance since she messed up in the low-budget film world….and she has the nerve to tell some one else to be humble… running around like the bird she is making mess and then play the victim! Making peace one minute and the same breath bring drama.. You can always tell who nedds the check the most!

K Michelle Argues With Taj Gibson’s Baby Mama Jada Brown

So Taj Gibson’s baby mother don’t care about Taj sleeping with chicks then coming home…

Jada Brown gets on Instagram and thinks she is making a fool out of K Michelle and really just playing herself, by letting everybody know her man was cheating on her with K Michelle.

And it was ok because he just hit and dipped!

And Jada could not do this alone she had to have help from her friends coming for K Michelle on instagram.

Chicks having baby’s by dudes and think they are husband and wife now…



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