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Should Mama Joyce move down the street from Kandi and Todd?


Some Changes Have Been Made(The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 7 Trailer)

I knew I was right about Claudia Jordon….Messy Messy Messy!



Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Cast Revealed

Entire cast returning , Plus two new cast member’s. Demetria Mckinney, And Claudia Jordan.

This will be Nene Leaks last season on the house wives … Her contract ends after season seven.

This should be interesting..


Joe Budden was arraigned on assault charges yesterday, then released from jail after his mom posted $10,000 bail.

Benzino was talking mess about the writers over at Bossip…. Decided that it wasn’t what he really wanted to say ..deleted it and reworded and posted it again.

Kenya Moore is gearing up for the new season of The Real House Wives Of Atlanta…She is on instagram throwing all kinds of shade a NeNe Leaks…. #NeNeleakes

Kandi Burruss …..

Kandi said she is wearing a corset in this picture she said she got it from …@mrswrightway….got check her out…

Remy Ma said that her husband Papoose was Band from coming to she her while she was in jail….because of a rumor that he was going to break her out of jail….

No One Got Fired!

StraightfromtheA told us that no one is getting fried … not even Prosha who dragged Kenya  across the stage during the reunion.

SFTA writes:

So to reiterate…

1. No one is getting fired. All season 6 cast mates are said to be returning for season 7.

2. Bravo is definitely considering bringing back former ‘housewife’ Sheree Whitfield, but her pride may be a deciding factor being that they are unwilling to pay her much (if anything).

3. Kim Zolciak was asked to return but she said no…

4. Valeisha Butterfield-Jones is in the top running to be the newest housewife to hold a peach…

 I have not hear if this is signed in ink or not but StraightfromtheA is a good source from Atlanta

 What ya’ll think about She By Sheree Coming Back?

Sneak Peek! Kandi Buruss & Todd Rucker’s Wedding


Kandi Burruss talks Prenup On Hot 97


Mama Joyce Make It Clear About Chuck Smith

According to Essence:

He got on there and told the biggest lie he ever told. I was so shocked because I really liked Chuck. He was like a son to me when they were dating. I mean, his mother and father and myself all used to go out to dinners together. He took us out to Cirque du Soleil. I’ve even spent the night at Chuck’s house. Kandi had keys to his house. Would you let a jump off’s mother keep your daughter over the weekend more that two times? Every time I saw him he would hug me like “Hey Ma, what’s up?” He bought me my first Louis Vuitton bag. He was so in love with Kandi he would call me even after she quit him. I don’t know what made him say that. I mean it was 20 years ago. I don’t know whether he was trying to get on the show or what but I’m so disappointed in him.

Chuck was just getting his 15 mins. He took the opportunity to keep is name out there for a weeks ! Nene should have never brought the girlfriend , wife , whatever she s to Chuck around!

He only did the Boys and Girls Club thing to be on TV and make a fool out of Kandi and Phadrea… And Nene thought it was cute, but she also dating Chuck Smith so what does that make her?



Kandi & Todd


Kandi Burruss Hot Or Not?


Do you think Todd handled the Mama Joyce situation correctly?

Re-watch and decide >>

TLC Wasn’t The Only Group Getting A Crappy Record Deal – Kandi Burruss Weighs In

Rumor Has It! (Rumor Control)


Rumor had it last week that R&B  Singer Kandi Burruss and her Fiance’ Todd Tucker had got married in mexico.

The Real House WIves Of Atlanta was fliming over there for the show.

The whole cast was there.

ScreenShot2013-10-25at84359AM_zps78eedd80ScreenShot2013-10-25at83900AM_zps2b94643ckandi burruss

Time will tell what really went down on the  November 3 premiere……..


Kandi Burruss

Photo: Kandi Burruss Gives Us Details Of New RHOA Season See here>>>>

Newly engaged Kandi is a Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter who resides in Atlanta with her 11-year-old daughter, Riley, and fiance Todd Tucker. She is a former member of the platinum-selling music group Xscape and the recipient of a Grammy for her work on TLC’s mega-hit “No Scrubs.” Kandi juggles her busy life as a single mom and hard-working career woman, while also finding time to let loose on the Atlanta social scene and mingle with members of the music industry elite.

Kandi’s award-winning intimate luxury line, Bedroom Kandi, has expanded into an in-home network while her T.A.G.S boutique continues to expand across the country and is now featuring its own exclusive clothing line. Forever expanding her empire, this season Kandi is focused on producing a musical, loosely based on her life with Todd titled, “A Mother’s Love.” Despite her hectic schedule, Kandi also manages to find time in giving back and in 2013 she founded her own foundation, Kandi Cares.

Source :


Kandi selling dildo’s door to door!

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss is looking to take the concept of the Avon lady and give it a XXX spin — she’s launching a new door-to-door sex toy service.

Kandi’s expanding her Bedroom Kandi business to include a home sales division, where girls could host their own sex toy party (not like that).

She tells TMZ, “With Bedroom Kandi, no need to go out, we will bring the party to you and your girls. Our BK consultants are from across the country and with them we hope to create an entertaining and exciting way for them to become entrepreneurs.”

Pretty sure nothing the Avon lady ever sold required D batteries.

The best parties EVER begin September 21.

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