Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Review….( My Two Cents)

Erica Dixon is lame She did all that crying about shay & Bambi cheating with scrappy while she was with him.. but turned around and did the same thing while shay was with scrappy and while Bambi was with scrappy…she gave it up for a uno game some cheap drinks and a $55 hotel room.. Hello kettle meet pot….that baby mama shit is over rated….

And it seemed like Karlie Redd was the side chick and didn’t know she was….

Karlie Redd is played herself has she always dose… She can’t keep a man because she thinks sex is the only way to keep a man around…. Karlie be more focused on the if the man is cheating then the man himself….She has a new man every season who will it be next season? 

And who takes a LTD test when they know they going to fail it?…. Scrappy….well at least him and Bambi on they same page… and she said it right….. she ain’t trying to marry scrappy and there is nothing wrong with that ….they dating.. the rest of the chicks looking for a husbands….because they feel if they have a man that it validates them some how…Look at me i can get a man… least Bambi know what she wants….

Erica loves drama that’s why she kept that hotel receipt from two weeks ago.

Lets not forgot get Erica has to take care of a man to keep him around…just so happen for scrappy she only have to give it up for him to stay around….

But did you check out the ending tho?

Joseline give them hoe’s what they want at the end don’t she…

We going to have to wait til next week to see what go’s down….


Karlie Redd………. A #sidepiece That Thought She Was The #MainChick

Karlie Redd Stealing!!!

 This Guy right here thereal0nestopshop claims that Karlie Redd is a Thief and a Con Artist see the tea below:

@KarlieRedd Dose The Most

Now that the it’s over…Karlie Redd will jump on anything hard and that pays her a little attention.

Karlie Redd go’s below the belt when a man don’t want her anymore. remember when she said that Benzino’s man parts was nothing compared to Young Yoc! Click here in case you missed it!

Karlie Claims that she put Young Joc on….She tells The Hip Hop Enquirer that she feels used … and… that young Joc is a has been. you can see how fucked up her mind frame is look how she keeps trying to indicate that Benzino still wants her and that Benzino’s new girlfriend is using him to get her life!

Just watch this interview ( I can’t with this hoe)

Karlie Redd is doing anything to keep her lame ass on tv, she stays being messy because she knows we love other people’s drama.

Karlie  is  hot mess on sunday morning… Leave that man be.. you didn’t want him when he wanted you .. now that somebody else got him you want him…! Pitiful




If you ever really want to know why karlie Redd is jealous that Benzino has moved on with his life… click the photo to see why money might not be the only thing Karle is chasing after …..benzinotweet888


Who’s Bigger? The Real Photos! @karlieeRedd Grab A Seat!

Karliee Redd is so damn bitter that this chick is out here photo shopping picks trying to make @Benzino look bad compared to her so-called man Young Joc. Karilee get your old ass some where and set the hell  down and find you something else to do chile! BAE -BAE ain’t  shit going to change the fact that you are old and washed up , Mona please don’t pay this hoe to look like a fool and Joc you should be questioning your relationship with Karilee …..  See the real  pictures below:
My Hair Is Layed • Benzino vs JocThe Race Is  Not Given To The Swift....

Karlie Redd Say’s YoungJoc Is Bigger Than Benzino

Now Since Benzino was showing off his love for his boo thing , Karlie Redd’s weak ass compares dick size.. well his soon to be wife loves it and at one point you did too Karlie… WEAK BITCH!

Benzino on the left…….Young Joc on the right

Karlie Redd Now Dating Young Joc

This Shit right here…. is too damn funny!

Karlie Redd from Love &Hip hop Atlanta is now dating Young Joc…


Dirty Money group member Kaleena Harper will be joining L&HHATL

Via FreddyO reports:

The ladies of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta were spotted at BE Magazine’s Charity Fashion Show. Erica Dixon, Karlie Redd, and the newest cast member Kalenna Harper were all there to see the latest fashions walk down the runway. The “No Wire Hangers 4″ Benefit fashion show was held in Atlanta at the M Rich Cent. A portion of the proceeds from the event will go to AIDS Atlanta’s Evolution Project. Designer Presentations by Calapo by Carey & Vintage Hazel were featured on this years runway.
I don’t see Kalenna fitting in with these ladies, but we will see!



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