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Caught In Lies……

Diamond said she won’t smashing Boobie….Will Rumor Has it She Lied…..And they both was in Vegas last weekend…. Did they just happen to be in the same city … We think not!…

But you be the judge…


Also at the Wynn was Booby’s cousin K. Ford. Now, here’s where the investigative skills kick in. K. Ford and Diamond just started following each other this weekend, which means it’s likely they just met. Diamond posted a photo of her food from room service, which showed a place setting for two as well as similar carpeting and shopping bags as seen in a photo K. Ford posted. Booby wasn’t spotted in any of K. Ford or Diamond’s photos BUT one slip up from a fan gave his location away. Boobie posted a photo of himself wearing a very particular outfit from designer “Damn Pigeon”. If you watch Sisterhood of Hip Hop, you’ll see that Siya wears a lot of Damn Pigeon on the show. Also on the show is Diamond. Could this be how Booby got hooked up with the new!clothing brand? Possibly, but that’s not the tea. The real tea was a commenter who said she spotted Booby in that same outfit at Drais in Las Vegas — thus proving Booby was also in Sin City.

Pay close attention to the carpet and the shopping bag on the floor…

Same carpet and the bag hasn’t moved (top left corner).






Keyshia Cole In The Street Fighting!!

So Apparently Keyshia COle was At Birdman’s Penthouse..( Yes Birdman) ….

According to TMZ, Cole spent Friday morning behind bars for this:

They claim the singer popped up at Birdman’s home in Los Angeles in the wee hours of the morning to see the rapper, producer and Cash Money CEO. Their sources claim that the two are (or were) dating, and when the singer arrived and was able to gain access to his penthouse, there was another woman there.

It’s unclear what happened from there, but she wound up putting her hands on the woman and left scratches on her face. The police were called and Cole was arrested for battery and an outstanding reckless driving warrant but was released on $46,000 bail.

That’s a lot of bread to be in these street fighting over a nigga you just sleeping with…And she still married To Daniel Gibson….

And you know she ha to take it to INSTAGRAM>>>

BET Launches Three New Reality Series

From R&B to hip hop to gospel, BET ramps up its reality slate with new original docu-series from three music superstars: Keyshia Cole, Nelly and Tamela Mann. Each project will give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the multifaceted lives of these successful artists as they strive to strike the perfect chord between career, family and love

“THE UNTITLED NELLY PROJECT” is a docu-series following Nelly, as he navigates his busy career as a hip-hop icon, successful entrepreneur, loving father to his biological children and his deceased sister’s children — all while nurturing a blossoming friendship with “Miss Jackson,” the ex-girlfriend of world famous boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.  Known as an iconic, multi-platinum recording artist and one of the most notable figures in modern pop culture, Nelly has also been dominating the business world with his fashion line, Apple Bottoms, and as co-owner of the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats. Despite his soaring career, Nelly’s crowning achievement is being a devoted father, friend and mentor. This unprecedented series will grant viewers an all-access pass to Nelly’s unique life in eight thrilling one-hour episodes. 

Nelly serves as executive producer alongside Tara Long, John Morayniss, Howie Miller, David Shaye, Shanta Conic and Kim McKoy as well as co-executive producer J Erving. The series is produced by eOne.

“THE UNTITLED KEYSHIA COLE PROJECT”: When BET audiences were first introduced to Keyshia Cole in “The Way It Is,” her life was complicated with family strife, hard won musical success and rocky romantic relationships. Eventually, Keyshia found her would-be happy ending with husband and NBA star Daniel Gibson in “Family First.” However, just as Keyshia settled into her role of wife and mother, she soon realized that “blood makes you relatives, but loyalty makes you family.” “THE UNTITLED KEYSHIA COLE PROJECT” is a docu-series that reveals her continued struggles with the real-life issues that face all of us, including career complications, marital strife, motherhood challenges and jealousy from siblings. Laced with humor, drama and a hefty dose of love, the series will document Keyshia’s painful setbacks and personal victories as she continues to defy her critics. The series will consist of six 30-minute episodes.    

James DuBose serves as executive producer for DuBose Entertainment alongside executive producer Manny Halley for Imani Entertainment Group, Inc. Keyshia Cole will also executive produce the series with co-Executive Producer Kai Bowe.   “THE UNTITLED MANNS PROJECT”: Internationally famous for their starring roles on stage and screen,Tamela Mann (Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Madea’s Family Reunion, Sparkle) and David Mann (Tyler Perry‘s Meet the Browns, Goes to Tyler Perry‘s Madea Goes to Jail) have become household names for their starring turn in “MEET THE BROWNS.” “THE UNTITLED MANNS PROJECT” will take a peek behind their celebrity on-screen personas, exclusive events and famous friends, to the down home lives of the real David and Tamela Mann. In eight 30-minute episodes, viewers will get a taste of their careful balancing act among being celebrities, entrepreneurs and parents to four adult children — all while maintaining their 26-year marriage. Viewers may have met the Browns, but this show introduces the Manns like you’ve never seen them before!

In partnership with eOne, the series is executive produced by David and Tamela Mann along with Tara Long, Howie Miller, Kim McKoy, Roger Bobb and Phil Thornton.

Keyshia Cole wished Her Mother Frankie A Happy Birthday

Keyshia Cole’s New Song “She”

Keyshia Cole’s Family Comes For Here(@IamNeffeteria ) Again

Writing that book about her family was just not enough for Neffeteria R Pugh.

I was running thur instagram real quick yesterday and I seen that Neffie put a video about a reality show featuring her and her family……( Keyshia included )  She ask us not to judge and watch.. that it is supposed to help fix the problems with her and her family.

But then jumps over on Twitter and talk cash cold shit about her  sister Keyshia Cole .. on how she treats the rest of her family like shit after Keyshia made it big after that horrible reality show with Keyshia and other family members

FYI neffie :……Keyshia was on before that little reality show on BET and the fact you keep saying that the only reason she had the show was because of y’all family is wack!

BET would not have wanted y’all if it won’t for Keyshia….

Neffie is mad because Frankie dragged her from crack house to crack house and gave Keyshia up and she ended up with a better life than Neffie. Because Keyshia is talented….Neffie thought she was going to be super famous and is mad as hell because Keyshia could no longer put up with all this rachet mess that is her family… and walked away from the show….Neffie and Frankie tired they hand at the reality show but Frankie couldn’t stay clean and that fell apart… now she back to put her sister out there because she wont get up off her ass and get a job…even they’er brother @sammyghostt925 said this is how that eat… talking about they family….

It happen suck it up move on……..

If y’all would do something else with the money y’all got from that book and and shows instead of trying to stunt you might have something…..

check out the video below

The brother even cussed me out because of a post I put u on instagram (whatulooknat )

Why in the grape soda is neffie ass always on some let me show how fucked up my family is ….

She even defends herself on twitter about her truth and if any other famous women treat they sisters like Keyshia is treating her…

And the brother thinks because he put Keyshia name on something it’s suppose to sell .. look how he promotes his self …..

He mad because he want to be a rapper and think Keyshia should put him on.. he don’t want to put in the work… he thinks youtube and twitter is all he has to do…..

This therapy must didn’t work because neffie , sammy and the rest of them are still trying to put Keyshia down because she won’t take care of them…. the family who don’t want to work for nothing and want Keyshia to hand it over to them when and whenever! The prime of example why some people can’t mess with they family…. Anything for check , tv and fame…


Preview Of @KeyshiaCole New Album

Keyshia Cole & Irv Gotti In The Studio?

Just before Keyshia Cole Express that she could not find or keep a man…

Fuk it

She put this pic …

Me and irv gotti last night #ClubTurnUp today we #WorkInThough

She post the photo below a few hours ago

In the studio. Highly upset

Do you think Keyshia is working on a hott new Album with Irv Gott?

Maybe she can take Ashanti’s place… I sure of one thing tho….I pretty sure this album will be start fire… Irv has produced hits, and so has Keyshia and let’s not forget she mad ass hell.. her marriage is over… I’m sur she has a lot to sing about.. Cant wait to her it!

Keyshia Cole Can’t Keep A Man

We all know Keyshia is press to get a man and then when she gets one she runs him off. Run Daniel ! Run! (Daniel Gibson)

Remember she was dating Young Jezzy and she ran him off by trying to get him to put a ring on it.

Then she gets the man she said was the love of her life and if you watch the same reality show that I did ,you would have seen how she treated her soon to be ex husband …. She was so hateful, mean and rude to him.

Now she on Instagram crying about she can’t find nobody!

Keyshia might still have her husband if she talked to him more than she post on Twitter & instagram…when she has a problem ..

She puts her business out there and then gets mad when somebody speak on it…

If she went this hard for her marriage she might not be going thur this!


What Is Going On Here?!

Ok so if you know or may not know Keyshia Cole and her husband Daniel Gibson aka bobbie been beefing for months. Rumor has it, that bobbie been cheating on keyshia with

A well know Stripper in Houston named HtownCiara. Keyshia tweeted HtownCiara and told her she could have boobie.

 Now somebody name Jhonnieblaze came for keyshia defending  HtownCiara.

Check the tweets below!

It’s getting messy y’all, but that’s what happens when you put your home business on social media for us all to see. Keyshia need to spend more time with trying to fix her marriage  instead of putting on a show for the world. So what bobbie cheated .. you stayed!

Keyshia Cole Owes Uncle Sam $162K!

Radaronline Reports:

According to a lien filed in Georgia on November 25, last year, the federal government claims Cole failed to pay taxes in 2009 – and owes a total of $162,158.93 to the IRS!

The Court Documents

In 2009, Cole embarked on her very first headlining tour, A Different Me Tour, that featured opening acts TLC, Lil Kim and The-Dream, but the government appears the 32-year-old signer still hasn’t paid taxes on that profitable year.

The IRS notes on the lien that they will seize her property if she doesn’t pay off the debt.

“We have made a demand for payment of this liability, but it remains unpaid,” the documents state.

“Therefore, there is a lien in favor of the United States on all property and rights to property belonging to this taxpayer for the amount of the taxes and additional penalties, interest and costs that may accrue.”

Cole, 32, is just the latest in a string of celebrities who have fallen afoul of the IRS.

As previously reported singer Lauryn Hill served three months in prison for not paying federal taxes on the $1.8 million she earned between 2005 and 2007.

Keyshia Cole @SteveMadden

Catch Keyshia Cole at Steve Madden in The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City  Today 5PM for an exclusive meet and greet! RSVP here:

Keyshia Cole’s New Steve Madden Collection

keysha cole shoes


Keyshia Cole says her sister Neffe is a leech!

ImageKeyshia Cole says her sister Neffe is a leech and that she has the nerve to talk about her in her new book while wearing the shoes that she gave her on the cover of the book. Yes Neffe has a tell about book call the The Price I Paid.

ImageNeff said that Keyshia could even take the time out to read her ruff copy. But when Keyshia did she was mad ass hell at what Neffe had wrote and said that Neffe wouldn’t be nothing with out living off her name.Image


Will my advice to Neffe is to stay out of Keyshia’s lane cause she said she is going to take it back to the old daysImage


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