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Hey everyone , i sure y’all noticed that no new post have been here since dec. 31, 2013,

That is because we have got a Gig over atlogo benonesear …(same job)…. We still have the latest in Celebrity Gossip, Reality TV, Fashion, Music, Beauty and other News over a…….Hope To See You Soon!!!!


Happy Sunday from Da Frost’s!!!!

Zino Got A Tattoo Of Thi Thi,


Stevie J Puts Althea Out There Again! ( Warning Naked Pics )


Here is some videos Stevie Says that they are him and Althea ….

Video 1 & Video 2

Stevie J Talks LHHATL Reunion Fight Wit Ebro

My Dude @iambenzino Pulls No Punches Ya’ll

Rumor Has It!

So rumor has it that (stevie j say’s So ) that Benzino swung on Joseline…when Joseline jumped off on Althea.. But Althea held her own and jumped right back at Joseline…

Benzino said the only reason he swung at Joseline because he was trying to protect Althea.

And This What he had to say about protecting and loving Althea,

I really think Benzino and Althea make a great couple and i’m happy to see he as found him someone that wants to be with him as much as he wants to be with them!

Rasheeda & Kirk Before The Reunion Yesterday

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Fight Snip!

The Real Tea!

So my people over at the shade room be having the sweetest tea!

Check them out when you get a chance!

OK….. so for us Love And HipHop Atlanta fans .. Joseline has been telling people after the season was over she was leaving stevie …and that’s what she did .. fired his ass and took off to LA….Wonder if he will go back to chasing MiMi’s ass… I know she somewhere laughing at this shit here:













Shay Johnson & Bambi Got Beef?!!

Lil Scrappy celebrated his birthday last week with Shay Johnson

Shay always the side chick Johnson had to let the world know that she was with scrappy for his birthday.But Bambi clapped back with

Who y’all got? #teamshay or #teambambi or nether?


@AdizBAMBI Hot Or Not?


MiMi Faust Hot Or Not?


Kirk I Ain’t Shit Frost .. Says He Didn’t Embarrass His Family On TV Because They’re ‘Street People

@KIrk Frost Ain’t Shit! says that Rasheeda and Kirk are faking it til’ they make it. But this shit has to have some limits. And Kirk has went to damn far.
Kirk post a picture on IG earlier today and the took it down.. Because we all know Kirk a Bitch!

This nigga need to be checked! Rasheeda do you have some Cousins? Male or female ?
Because Kirk Need To Straight get it!

Do You Think Erica And Scrappy Made It?



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