A Blogger Give Stevie J & Joseline The Business ( Love & Hip Hop Atlanta)

Some Blogger somewhere is feeling some type of way about Stevie J An Joseline and they ain’t speaking nothing but the truth…Read the Letter below…













Everybody on that show has fought..but now that it is Joseline it’s the most ????….All the women Joseline tagged in the face was the one’s talking all that mess about her be hide her back…I am not mad a Joseline for doing what she did……..Joseline Pops off and Jumps Off!!!

Nobody’s Checking For These Two.. Stop It!

Mimi and her friend …what her name just want some shine time because of the fight .. we know it was althea and josline.. and then tammy and joseline….attention much…nobody is checking for these two http://msstraightnocut.me


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