Erica Pinkett Beaten and Slashed at an Atlanta Nightclub

TMZ reports:

Pinkett was coming out of a bathroom in Atlanta’s Taboo Club June 9 when a woman came up from behind her, hit her in the face and then threw her to the ground and slashed her arm with a razor blade. It was reported the gash spewed blood so badly, it looked like a scene from a horror movie.

Pinkett tells police … she thinks the attack was ordered by fellow “L&HHA” star Bambi Johnson … because the two have had arguments over Pinkett’s relationship with Johnson’s boyfriend, LilScrappy. One of the fights (see video below) aired on the show.

The beating suspect left the club before cops arrived … Stephanie Nicole Harp was arrested this morning for committing aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

I wonder if Stephanie got into the LipStick Gang for this….how long will it take her to tell on Bambi!

Rasheeda – Boss Chick Music – Rasheeda “Boss Bitch music


The Baddest Puta Was Hacked!

And The Oscar Go’s To?!

Mimi Nikko

Did y’all watch Love And Hip Hop Atlanta last night?

When I tell you I wanted to reach in the tv and choke Mimi till she stop breathing.. I’m dead serious!

It seems like to me that Mimi is down for whoever is giving her beef cake….. an the moment it’s this snake name Niko.

Mimi is so whipped by this clown that she has first,….. let him talked her into having sex on tape…..second,…. this dumb ass woman flies to LA to talk about releasing the sex tape that was stolen from Niko.. (So his sneaky ass say! ) In the same breath crying and whining about the fact that she has a little girl. Then with the quickness…they want to sell it.. did you hear when this Nigga kept saying but ….after Mimi kept bring up her child…What he meant to say was …..but fuck your child let’s get this bread!…. And that’s what Mimi did. All that damn crying .. If her ass was feeling that bad her ass would have not flew to LA and signed them papers.

This chick thinks that sending Joseline a stripper pole for her wedding gift would somehow hurt Joseline’s feelings.

It Didn’t!

Joseline was mad because Erica Dixon with her weak ass and Ariane? was question her like they was her BFFS…or something. Adriana is on the show for what? Who is she and why is she here? Security!!!!!!!! 

And Erica and Ariane have no life.. yeah Erica talking about her boo on the show who is now her bo no longer!

Her dumb ass let scrappy come right back to her after he been running around with Shay, Bambi and the new chick named Eric who may or may not be pregnant.

Erica put this picture up of scrappy laying in her bed sleep a few weeks ago

No dumb dumb he comes back because you let him.. if your his back bone then your  a super weak back bone!


At least Joseline can owe up to her shit and her past.. Mimi even after putting out a sex tape to try to keep a man & and her tv gig …is below and stripper!

Hello Pot Meet Kettle!

If you missed the boring ass sex tape don’t waste your bread Click Here

@Mimi Stay Playing Herself

Mimi stay playing herself..She must have did it before (the threesome) with some one else for him to throw that out there… And if she not into that type of thing she should have kept on moving For her to get mad cause he said it seemed suspect to me!
She was really ready to fight her friends for a nigga she was fucking, then she kept hearing shit about dude (same shit k Michele told her dumb ass) she came up with I wasn’t in the video enough I don’t like him no more , let me sweet talk Stevie make him think I ain’t mad no more come see my new video know she ain’t hardly in it … Where my new boo who gave me the fake Rolex that you notice didn’t have no diamonds but couldn’t tell it won’t real…. Will be cause its his party…. Where you know Stevie will show up and show out so he can stunt on dude and still please you… Now she think her and Stevie going to wok out again because she got a car… And go break up with dude…. Who just voiced his view because y’all suppose to be a couple but you pinning foe your baby daddy using dude for attention she knew Stevie come running …dude my have been rude but he was speaking his mind…she had bags and everything over dude house…talking bout she won’t feeling dude … He don’t want Mimi no way , he just wanted his face on tv to grow his brand..



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