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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Cast Under Construction ……

Well you look at this shit here…. Mona Scott  hired Nikko and his wife Margo as new cast members of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta



I wonder who else is coming in we told ya’ll Neiva was going to be a new cast member….(If You Missed It Click Here)


Lets do a roll call …. Mimi Faust is still on the show , Stevie and Joseline(she suspended click here if you missed it, Nevia, and now Nikko and Margo,


Say Bye Bye  to, Kirk & Rasheeda, Kaleena & Tonya, Benzino & Althea, no word on Scrappy, The Bam Or Erica Dixon, We know Ariene will be there because Mimi is .

What do you ya’ll think about the new cast?

Kalenna Harper Ready To Bust……….

Kalenna Harper former Diddy Dirty Money and Love & Hip Hop Cast member is closer to her due date of her second baby with her husband….Congrads again Kalenna…..

LHHA’s Stevie J Flunks 10 Drug Tests, Ordered to Rehab

According to Page Six,

The feds said Jordan tested positive for marijuana and cocaine in urine samples 10 times between June and and this month. Prosecutors demanded that he be placed in a 30-day inpatient rehab center to address his admitted drug abuse problems. But Jordan’s attorney, Michael Bellinger, argued that his client wouldn’t be able to work

Go pick up that ‪#‎LaNegra‬ on iTunes now!


Erica Dixon Throwing Shade…

Erica has a nerve to be talking about anybody ACTING….. all she did every season was ACT like she was about that life and only popped off …..(NO Jumping off was seen.).. Anyway this 2014 Sugar Mama throw some shade at Soulja Boy on Twitter…

If Soulja Boy is a definitely a actor then Her and Scrappy are  as well…. Scrappy still acting as if he still a rapper….And she was doing Major Acting fronting on social media like her relationship with O’Shea the model was on the up & up when she was really was unhappy because she had to take care of his broke butt… HELLO POT >>MEET KETTLE….

Mimi Say’s She Is No Longer Sleeping With Nikko

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Review….( My Two Cents)

Erica Dixon is lame She did all that crying about shay & Bambi cheating with scrappy while she was with him.. but turned around and did the same thing while shay was with scrappy and while Bambi was with scrappy…she gave it up for a uno game some cheap drinks and a $55 hotel room.. Hello kettle meet pot….that baby mama shit is over rated….

And it seemed like Karlie Redd was the side chick and didn’t know she was….

Karlie Redd is played herself has she always dose… She can’t keep a man because she thinks sex is the only way to keep a man around…. Karlie be more focused on the if the man is cheating then the man himself….She has a new man every season who will it be next season? 

And who takes a LTD test when they know they going to fail it?…. Scrappy….well at least him and Bambi on they same page… and she said it right….. she ain’t trying to marry scrappy and there is nothing wrong with that ….they dating.. the rest of the chicks looking for a husbands….because they feel if they have a man that it validates them some how…Look at me i can get a man… least Bambi know what she wants….

Erica loves drama that’s why she kept that hotel receipt from two weeks ago.

Lets not forgot get Erica has to take care of a man to keep him around…just so happen for scrappy she only have to give it up for him to stay around….

But did you check out the ending tho?

Joseline give them hoe’s what they want at the end don’t she…

We going to have to wait til next week to see what go’s down….


Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Fight Snip!

Josleine Said Her Instagram & Twitter Was Hacked Again!!!!

Joseline and Stevie have been all over the blogs saying they split , even Benzino came for Joseline …click here if you missed it …. rumor had it that Stevie gave her the boot… until we seen him whining all over instagram and twitter and Joseline throwing shade on both social sites herself…there was even a rumor that she was knocked up by Rick Ross… She even put a screen shot of her and Rick Ross conversations she has now took them down…. all the stuff she posted over BET Awards week is gone..all the pics with her face in strippers asses and more are gone…the twitter page starts off on June 29.. from her and a bunch of retweets. I hope Joseline don’t think we stupid and we believe that hacking shit… ain’t nobody checking for you that hard Joseline to hack your twitter twice and now the instagram….

Here’s a video of Joseline and Stevie at the sound check for there BET after party that was rumored that Joseline didn’t show up at….

But the video show she was there….

So for the fans her new twitter is

new Instagram account (JoselineReloaded)

I guess she went out and had her fun… now she back.. and stevie was there with open arms….

MiMi Speak Out On Sex Tape…….. Gassed Up!

Rumor Has It! NIs MiMi Faust On Them Blurred Lines?

I ran across some interesting tea and it lays all claim to MiMi Faust playing with her nose!

Ill Seed Of Hip Hop  Writes:

Sheesh! You do a porno with a shower curtain and you get all this newfound attention. I guess “sex tapes” are not played out after all. I thought they were corny and the door closed once KK came through as a star. But, never FRET, Mimi is here but how…? I am hearing from a couple of sources that Mimi is actually and factually on that White Girl. I mean, these people INSISTED that she’s on that White! I personally have no prior knowledge of that, but I’m just saying.

she looks high in this pic… look at jermaine dupri in the back… looking at MiMi like she crazy!

This rumor could explain her odd, erratic behavior as of late. I dunno

Twitter had a little dirt on miss goody two shoes also:

There are rumors that she has been doing drugs for years…and a jump off.. Rumor has it that she use to fool around with Ja Rule while he was married, Usher While he was married.

MouthTo Ears says:Mimi is friends with Sarah who has a baby by Diddy and Hannah from Grand Hustle. She used to always get invited out to parties because they knew she and her crew could get the party POPPIN! Usher and MiMi have had a side thing for 6 to 7 years. She was letting Usher smash while he was with Chilli and even while married to a pregnant Tameka. Mimi even knows that Tameka knew about the affair. If you pay attention to what Stevie says in Love and HipHop he told her on the finale ” I gave you a baby other n-ggas just toss you to the side” that was in reference to Usher.

Maybe this is way Mimi is swinging from shower rod’s we don’t know….I’m still mad that she sold the rights to her sex tape for a 100K and that it has sold out before it has hit the shelf and she will she none of that money… moving way to fast and not thinking .. just like she did when her Niko mad that tape…. all on tv acting like she did not know how it got out in one sence and in the same breath making plans to sell it in another sence.

What people won’t do for money?

Kim & Ray J Taught Me

So i guess being on reality tv was not enough coins for Mimi Faust and Nikko.

The two Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reality show stars are doing a kim &b Ray J….Well Stevie J Make a I hit it first song?

I would write more but the layout on is bullshit… they saying shit like …Mimi Faust and Nikko, two of the hottest personalities on VH1’s reality series Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Lies!

She’s a beautiful and clever businesswoman; he’s an artist/music mogul entrepreneur who has worked with some of the top names in music. What… Who?

The movie will be available online at as of April 21 and it will be in stores nationwide on April 29.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Supertrailer

Rumor Has It

Rumor has it that Mimi Faust is engaged to her on and off again boyfriend Nikko…..

It is rumored that Mimi was wearing a nice big ring at the Married To The Medicine premiere party on Thursday night in Atlanta, GA.

They are not announcing the engagement because it will be showed on the premiere of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Monday, May 5 at 9 p.m. ET on VH1.

Can’t wait to see how this plays out….



Mendeecees Harris Is NOT A Free Man

via Uptown Magazine:
During the recent reunion episode of Love and Hip-Hop New York, one notable cast member was missing from the raucous and name calling – Mendeecees Harris. You may remember him as the fiancée of the multihyphenate cast member, Yandy Smith. Smith, a talent manager, was actually one of the creators of Love and Hip-Hop New York, in conjunction with her former boss, Mona Scott-Young.

As speculations swirled this season about the marital and paternity status of many cast members, viewers were perhaps most intrigued by one cast member whose voice was omnipresent but who went sight unseen during the entire season. Where was Mendeecees Harris? Why was he in prison? And when would he be released?

Somebody is catfishing as Mendeecees on Facbook and put up this picture with the caption….“Having a drink y’all missed me?

Now you know the world was talking about how  Mendeecees was snitching so he could come home until trial..But folks with enogh common sense know this don’t work that way!


In January 2013 Mendeecees Harris was arrested and charged with narcotics conspiracy and money laundering. Specifically, Mr. Harris was charged with knowingly, willfully and unlawfully combining and conspiring to possess with the intent to distribute 5 kilograms or more of cocaine (Schedule I Substance) and 1 kilogram of heroin (Schedule II Substance). Such narcotics charges are punishable by a sentence of 10 years to life in prison, plus fines. While the laundering charges carry a maximum sentence of 20 years, plus fines.

Yandy posted this picture below on her instagram!

Now that I have a free second…if it doesn’t come from me. It’s probably not true. You know they love to speculate and exaggerate. @2thejew you got Instagram in a frenzy over that old pic! @babyjunior_stp, Preme…y’all go hard! He sends his love #rorolife #freethatman #nowbacktoworkIgo #filmlife #2daysinharlem

SO who is posting all this stuff on instagram and facebook as  Mendeecees?

Dirty Money group member Kaleena Harper will be joining L&HHATL

Via FreddyO reports:

The ladies of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta were spotted at BE Magazine’s Charity Fashion Show. Erica Dixon, Karlie Redd, and the newest cast member Kalenna Harper were all there to see the latest fashions walk down the runway. The “No Wire Hangers 4″ Benefit fashion show was held in Atlanta at the M Rich Cent. A portion of the proceeds from the event will go to AIDS Atlanta’s Evolution Project. Designer Presentations by Calapo by Carey & Vintage Hazel were featured on this years runway.
I don’t see Kalenna fitting in with these ladies, but we will see!


Kirk I Ain’t Shit Frost .. Says He Didn’t Embarrass His Family On TV Because They’re ‘Street People

Shay Johnson of ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Says Erica Cheated on Lil Scrappy First – The Breakfast Club

Shay Johnson discussed her past and current relationship with Lil Scrappy of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. She said that although Lil Scrappy cheated on Erica Dixon with Diamond, Dixon was unfaithful first. Johnson also said that Dixon was the “other woman” during Lil Scrappy’s famous relationship with Diamond, rather than the other way around.

Diamond, Erica Dixon, interviews, Lil Scrappy, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Shay Johnson, The Breakfast Club

via Shay Johnson of 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Says Erica Cheated on Lil Scrappy First – The Breakfast Club | 24Wired.TV.

Rasheeda In Her Video “Hit It From The Back

you know deb had her hand all up in the end of this video, cause rasheeda is lame….. when you hear the being you know rasheeda did that all alone cause it’s wack wack wack wack!


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