Who’s Bigger? The Real Photos! @karlieeRedd Grab A Seat!

Karliee Redd is so damn bitter that this chick is out here photo shopping picks trying to make @Benzino look bad compared to her so-called man Young Joc. Karilee get your old ass some where and set the hell  down and find you something else to do chile! BAE -BAE ain’t  shit going to change the fact that you are old and washed up , Mona please don’t pay this hoe to look like a fool and Joc you should be questioning your relationship with Karilee …..  See the real  pictures below:
My Hair Is Layed • Benzino vs JocThe Race Is  Not Given To The Swift....

Fight Breaks Out At Sleazy & Zino’s Grand Opening!

Benzino Is Engaged  Violent Fight Breaks Out At Sleazy   Zino s   Erica  Shay  Karlie  Scrappy Involved  LHHATL

allegedly a screaming match broke out between Thi Thi, Shay Johnson & Tierra Marie, why? Shay & Tierra Marie were supposedly fighting were trying to get to Thi Thi and Mamma Dee had to hold them back.

Benzino (back to the camera), Erica Dixon & Karlie Redd

Later on in the evening, Karlie Redd & Erica were talking by themselves. Benzino who apparently had not invited Karlie  approached them and a small argument broke out. Allegedly Karlie was questioning Benzino’s love for his new woman. Then Thi Thi (Benzino’s fiance) approached Karlie and another fight started once again. Thi Thi threw a glass of champagne in Karlie’s face, but unfortunately the glass hit Erica. Erica obviously is upset and is about to fight! Thi Thi then grabs a bottle and flung it all the way across the room (she has a strong-arm and a temper apparently). It was wet and wild up in that place. Scrappy starts to fight too. Benzino had security escort Karlie out the club.

 @karlieredd needs to sit her ass down some where , always being  messy. She blocked me on twitter for telling her this two years ago.

She mad because @luvheraltheaheart is winning!

And that came from Benzino himself , he tweeted a few pics alnong with a few qoutes.

Check them out below:

“In case there was any doubt!!! @iamkarlieredd” – Benzino

“Since @karlieredd wanted to come to MY event to start sh*t and question MY love for MY WOMAN @luvheraltheaheart Id thought I clear THINGS UP FOR YOU!!!! 100 #reallovecantbebroke” – Benzino


 @iamkarlieredd Where is  hubby @youngJoc?






Stevie J’s Tool

Stevie J's Tool


K Michelle Apologizes

Yesterday K Michelle and rashada’s husband Kurt (Twitter name @Frost117 ) went at each other over a picture punk ass Kurt put up on instagram suggesting K Michelle wanted Rashada’s snatch in the worst way. Well K Michelle being the woman she is was not having that and let Kurt know…. And he wasn’t shy in his responses either read the tweets below.


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