Watch out Rihanna + Beyonce… Mama Dee is coming for ya’ll!

Who’s Album Would You Buy?

Diamond Interview With The Breakfast Club

Scrappy & Mamma Dee says Diamond is lying…Scrappy says Diamond is a Lying industry ho…. who is fake has her fake ass and $20k teeth…. Mamma Dee weighs in and says she could not take nothing from Diamond because she had nothing to take… and Diamond is just mad & bitter because she is not with Scrappy.

Diamond could be lying, because if it was that bad why is she just now speaking up about it… remember when mama dee say that Diamond pu**y stanked up her whole house….?

Diamond is just speaking now and doing interviews because she has this reality tv show produced by T.I. coming soon called “Sister Hood Of HipHop” so she needs a little drama to kick it off!



Mamma Dee Put Them Paws On Frankie

Mamma Dee And Frankie playing around at V103… Click the arm for ┬áthe video



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